Holding on to this feeling.

So, it's Friday night! This post was supposed to go out on Thursday, but things got so busy that I had no time! These photos are from last Wednesday, even! This shoot felt a little uncertain for me. I tried to spice it up, as you can see, and went to the marsh near my home. However, unlike in Sun Shine where - as the name suggests - there was sunshine... instead, it was gloomy and... rainy. This is my first shoot that I got rained on! Whoo! But I kept going because I was determined. :-) The rain was light and it wasn't until Thursday night to Friday did the rain pour.

I really love this dress. My mom found it at the Goodwill on the Haight in SF last year and it is, in fact, vintage. It is very sheer so I have to wear a slip (and it's not too warm) but the print is just so lovely. There are faint, small white polka dots on the dress as well, so I thought my polka dot tights were quite appropriate for this look!
Happy Halloween weekend everyone! Soon I'll post about the Big Band Dance that is tonight. I managed to get a few pictures in the usual location of my deck...ick... Oh well!

Thank goodness it's Friday!
xx Elanor

dress, & belt: goodwill
tights: target
red flats: forever 21
blue sweater: macy's
watch: ??
antique silver necklace: vintage bank mall in petaluma


  1. Ooo I love the background! So beautiful. Hope you have a good Halloween too!

  2. Gorgeous setting! I think these turned out beautifully:)

  3. I gotta tell u, that dress is freaking pretty!
    I love all the pictures too =)

  4. I love your dress!!!! It's so pretty!


  5. oh and P.S. I love Jesus too! :) just read on your 'about me' and I thought I'd share.


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