Italia in Disposables, Part II

A thousand years later, here I am, deciding to share more disposable photos from my trip to Italy this summer. Now that some time has passed and I've been back in Seattle and school, I'm feeling a really strong urge to travel again. I know there are so many places and countries to explore, but I feel like I only saw a sliver of what Italy has to offer. Looking back on my time there, it's hard to believe I was only there for a month. While it was occurring, it felt like such a long time, but thinking about it in the scheme of things, it was miniscule. 

Who knows when I'll leave North America again? I guess until then, I'll hold on to these memories.

x o x o x o x E


Italia in Disposables

I've been holding back from writing anything here about my trip to Italy just because I suppose I have so much to say and yet how do I go about saying it? Much to everyone's dismay, I didn't bring the big ole' real camera on the trip (yes, I know, how could I not? what was I thinking?????). I guess I can't explain how I feel about the topic of photography or my DSLR. I'm just not in the place where I want to take "real photos" (or whatever you want to call that?) I'm not about that right now; and I'm not really about blogging right now. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that going to Italy was wonderful and I almost don't know if it actually happened? It was a little less than a month ago, and much has happened in between now and then – but I have all these memories inside of me. 

I did not go into this trip with expectations: if I'm being honest, I didn't truly think about the fact I was leaving America until it was actually happening and then I was gone and seeing this whole new world and then a month later I was back again and nothing was different but everything was different.

Traveling is exhausting, that is a truth to me. I've been traveling most of this summer it seems? Italy – Seattle – California – Seattle – Michigan – Seattle – Vancouver, BC (this next week!) – Seattle. I mean, it's not that much. But I've just been back and forth back and forth back and forth. I'm such a homebody but travel and adventure are so exciting. Sometimes I don't consider myself an exciting person because I love the small, simple things so much. But I would rather die than stay in the same place my entire life. That's another truth. I'm working on the balance of wanting a calm life, and the desire to get all I can out of it. There's much to come.

These are just a few of the photos I took on the trip, so I'll probably do a follow-up post with more disposable photos.

x o x o x o Elanor


Disposables // #9

It's almost 2:30 am and here I am, back here, with a new perspective and also some new disposable photos. I guess I'm allowed to be up this late, because school has ended (Yeah, according to my recent blog posts, it seems I only just started... yet oops. It's June.) Can I just say a lot has changed since November. Ben and I broke up back in January, so the past few months have been about leaning on my friends – new and old. I have made a lot of new friends; some of which were always there, but only now have I given them a longer look. It's easy to get consumed with "boyfriend island" – definitely one of my downfalls. But here I am. Here and now.

In less than a week I'm going to be flying to Rome, Italy to study abroad for a month which will be the first time I'm traveling out of the country! I have so much anxiety about it (big surprise!) but a lot of it is excited nerves. Before Ben and I broke up, I was hesitant to leave the country this summer because I didn't know what it would mean for my relationship... fortunately that isn't an issue now, and I'm very thankful for this opportunity. I tell and retell myself everyday that everything happens for a reason. It must. I guess I don't know what to hold onto without that belief. I already have so little control; at least I can give up my need to control and just believe that everything will happen according to a plan; a plan that's better than anything I've thought of yet.

I didn't really love any photos that came out of this disposable. The year went by so fast and I don't think I really thought about photography or my silly disposable camera. I want to take more photos this summer and hopefully be a little more active on this blog. I say that every time I come back to post, but hopefully I can turn it around this time. At least try to show off things I've been working on lately – I'm studying visual communications at Seattle Pacific University and I think it's about time I make a website to show my portfolio. After all I'm going to be a senior soon. Any advice about that? How terrifying!!!!! :) :) :) Okay I think maybe I'll go to sleep now. Thanks for reading ?!?!

xoxoxoxoxo Elanor


Disposables // #8

Nearing end of the fall quarter here at SPU and I've got to say – this has been the busiest time I've had in college so far, I think. Taking four classes and having two jobs somehow is catching up to me. In any case, this same disposable camera has lasted since summer! I liked seeing some photos from California that I took when Ben and I went back there during August. Even though I don't really feel much like a photographer anymore, disposable camera memories keep my happy. :-)

xoxo Elanor



This quarter at SPU, I'm taking a digital photography course that's required for my major (visual communications). Today I took out my camera which I think legitimately had dust on it from lack of use. My beautiful 50 mm lens had probably thought I would never use it again... but man, if there was one thing I missed about the big DSLR nonsense that I used to deal with so frequently – it would be this gorgeous lens. I had forgotten (though how could I?) how lovely lovely lovely lovely this baby is. Anyway, to get on with the point... I had to do some exercises focusing on shutter speed, aperture, etc and these were a couple results. Nothing amazing, just some familiar views from around my house here in Seattle. Plus, of course, Ben, my boyfriend of almost a year. Why is it that photographing the people we love brings us so much joy? I guess I sort of see it like, capturing them in a photo makes them real. They aren't just these fictional characters – they're real, they're flesh. I love remembering that, and taking photos definitely helps.

Maybe you'll see more posts from me over here, now that I have someone forcing me to take photos... ;)

xoxo Elanor