Italia in Disposables

I've been holding back from writing anything here about my trip to Italy just because I suppose I have so much to say and yet how do I go about saying it? Much to everyone's dismay, I didn't bring the big ole' real camera on the trip (yes, I know, how could I not? what was I thinking?????). I guess I can't explain how I feel about the topic of photography or my DSLR. I'm just not in the place where I want to take "real photos" (or whatever you want to call that?) I'm not about that right now; and I'm not really about blogging right now. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that going to Italy was wonderful and I almost don't know if it actually happened? It was a little less than a month ago, and much has happened in between now and then – but I have all these memories inside of me. 

I did not go into this trip with expectations: if I'm being honest, I didn't truly think about the fact I was leaving America until it was actually happening and then I was gone and seeing this whole new world and then a month later I was back again and nothing was different but everything was different.

Traveling is exhausting, that is a truth to me. I've been traveling most of this summer it seems? Italy – Seattle – California – Seattle – Michigan – Seattle – Vancouver, BC (this next week!) – Seattle. I mean, it's not that much. But I've just been back and forth back and forth back and forth. I'm such a homebody but travel and adventure are so exciting. Sometimes I don't consider myself an exciting person because I love the small, simple things so much. But I would rather die than stay in the same place my entire life. That's another truth. I'm working on the balance of wanting a calm life, and the desire to get all I can out of it. There's much to come.

These are just a few of the photos I took on the trip, so I'll probably do a follow-up post with more disposable photos.

x o x o x o Elanor

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  1. these photos are beautiful!



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