I'm Blue! (da ba dee)

Does anyone other than me remember this song? I thought it was fitting because my color pallet of the day seems to be blues and grays. I got these trousers and this vintage cardigan at the $2 GoodWill sale last Friday and Saturday. I've been meaning to try out the "men's pant" trend, and although I wasn't sure how it would look on me, I really love the style. How do you think I did? My legs aren't as skinny or long as the rest of you pant wearing gals, but I think it worked!

Unfortunately I got home an hour later than planned and missed the sun go behind the hill by about 10 minutes! :( So, no pretty sun ray photos today. Those are hard to do every outfit post! Thus, here is the normal deck! I dunno - even though it's boring, all deck photos turn out better than most in other locations of my yard...haha.

Anyway, I have a photo-related question for you! Do you guys like my photo sizes? This is the largest I've made them. Do you think they're too big? Or do they fit? Let me know, please! Also, I've decided to go about posting photos based on personal quality vs. quantity. I'm only going to put up the photos that I, for the most part, 100% like - because when I put up ones I'm not sure about, I always feel very uncomfortable about my blog and how it looks and such. :( I'm weird. Let it be known.

Happy Tuesday! I'm beat. Long day at school+the gym+headache= well, you know, I'm sure!
xx Elanor

navy cardigan, gray trousers, belt, heels: goodwill
striped t-shirt: banana republic
necklaces: petaluma antique store/f21
rings: mom's jewelry/claire's
watch: ?
currently listening to... Far East Movement - Like a G6 (it's catchy...shh!)


  1. the title of your post is really funny hehe.
    I love how these pants fit you! You Look so good and elegant!

  2. i really love the high waist fit of those pants! i could neveeeerrrr pull it off, i'm so short, haha. you look great.

  3. so cool! I'm way too nervous to try the menswear pant trend, I really want it to look this good on meeee!


  4. You look lovely here. And yes, how could I forget that song?!

    Sally x

  5. I have to say you pull those trousers off beautifully. Really great finds! It looks elegant and stylish. :) xx

  6. $2?! thats crazy! i think the pants look fab on you and i love your ring too :)
    The photos look great, how do you make them bigger? x

  7. :O I absolutely LOVE the trousers! I'm afraid I definitely don't have long or skinny enough legs to wear them so I'm going to live vicariously through you and your awesome pants. You look great!

    I like the size and quality of your pictures, sometimes I tend to get carried away with the pictures. My fav quote: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. I'm still working on that! haha.


    By the way, I think I'm gonna make a few photoshop tutorials!

  8. These trousers are AMAZING! You pull them off so well.

  9. You most definitely can get away with the trousers. You make them look very chic!

    My favorite thing about about blogs is the pictures, so I like the size of yours. I think they help capture the attention of new readers/long time followers. Also, they show off the most detail! haha

  10. yes I remember that song, my little brother would constantly sing it just to drive me bonkers. Cute outfit, I really love your pants

  11. I LOVE your trousers, they are so flowy and fit you like a dream! Also, your hair is adorable :D

    if you have some spare time, please check out my blog! :)

  12. the pants are amazing..
    you wear them so well..
    i always stay away from pants because i never feel comfortable in them
    BUT...you look so very lovely... :)

  13. wow those are awesome pants and such a fab price!! i like the size of your photos they look wonderful, don't change a thing!!

  14. Those pants are WONDERFUL on you! I love this look! :)

  15. I love the pants in this outfit and how it has a nice feminine touch with the flats. This is such an amazing menswear inspired outfit.

    ♥ Julia

  16. Where do you find such awesome clothes?! I have to go shopping with you someday!

  17. the photo size is fine! it's actually preferable because then i'm able to reallyy see what you're wearing.

    love the outfit. belt, pants, everything! the rings are cute too.

    i want to try the menswear pant thing but i don't know where to start! i'm short and kinda have muscular legs. it's all so hard.


  18. those trousers are such a great find!
    and i love your rings :)



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