Little Black Dress.

Hey readers! All day I've been forgetting what day of the week it is. What's wrong with me?! I was very eager to update my blog because I feel like I haven't actually posted anything since last Thursday. My guest post for Kenzie Faith doesn't count, I've decided! Hahah, don't mind me. I'm having a... good day?! Well, it was good until I was forced to realize that these day's lengths are just too short! Let me explain what I mean. I went to Starbucks after school with my friend Miranda so she could help me with some precalculus, but by the time I got home around 4:45 it was dark and cold and I was sad. :(

Luckily, after only giving up for a half hour or so, I took these photos inside. Obviously not as pleasant as photos outside in nature, in my opinion, but it'll do. This is my little black dress. :) Or something like that...! Derek said I looked very cute, so I was satisfied! Hehe. Ah the little things.

Hope your Tuesday was pleasant, loves.
xx Elanor

dress: goodwill
tights: target
boots: thrifted
necklace: antique store
currently listening to... Once soundtrack - Fallen From the Sky


  1. Adorable : ) I'm with Derek on this one - Love it!

  2. Those tights are so cool, and that dress looks stunning on you! :)
    The sunset beat me to taking pictures today as well, so I had to take indoor pictures too. Hopefully I'll be able to get back outside tomorrow!

  3. Your hair is wonderfully wonderful. Not sure if I've commented on the wonderfulness of it yet.

  4. the black turtleneck/short hair combination is so audrey hepburn! you look wonderful! :)

  5. Love those tights and shoes. Thanks for commenting on my blog!


  6. There's something just so awesome about a little black dress...so simple and classy! Those tights are pretty awesome too! This is getting out of control, Target needs to come to Canada!


  7. Love the little black dress! And love how you jazzed it up with those tights. I can't believe out of all of the dresses I own, I don't have one single black dress. I guess I'm missing a huge staple!


  8. great dress and the tights dd such a nice punch

  9. I love blackdresses so much.And those tights look amazing on you. eeep. Happy December! xo

  10. Just found your blog, i like this outfit!

  11. I love your dress, and also your blog!

  12. you're adorable! i think anyone who can pull of short hair is brilliant.
    Check out my blog. i shall follow yours (:

    im new to all this so sugestions and stuff are awesome.

  13. oh! i like your tights, anything patterned is wonderful

  14. very very nice tights! your dress is cute.

    i know what you mean about the short days! i have to take pictures right after i get home or i'll miss the good light.

    xx Kenny

  15. Ooh I love your tights! They're great!


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