Thundering like you.

Aaaaand... it's 4 o'clock, darkdarkdark and rainy! Don't forget the thunder. It's shocking I managed to even take these photos today. It was sunny this morning, but as the day went on, so did the rain! I love it...! Anywho, I want to leave it at this today... Happy Saturday! I have the next week off from school for Thanksgiving, so I'll try to get a lot of posts in. For now, I'm about to brave the weather and drive to Derek's house. Yep - sounds scary! ;)

xx Elanor

P.S AGHHHH I just lost power while trying to post this! Luckily it just came back on. xx

men's dress shirt, belt: goodwill
tights: marshall's
boots: thrifted
star necklace/copper necklace: ??/claire's
currently listening to... Yael Naim - Toxic


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! It's so adorable. How do you get your blog title majigers so cool? They are, in fact, SO COOL.

    And I actually really like thunderstorms. They're exciting (obviously, I live in a small town where nothing is exciting and, consequentially, thunderstorms are deemed exciting.)

    Also, on a side note, you have amazing hair!


  2. i really like your shirt and belt! i hate how early it gets dark now :( x

  3. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

    Excuse my inappropriate language, but there is no other way to express how completely in love I am with your hair!!! You look SO good! I like short hair on you more than on Emma :)

    And this outfit is lovely. Your outfits are always lovely. I just want to be best friends with you.

  4. your haircut is seriously so chic. you totally rock it. i love your shirt dress and umbrella. and i just really love your blog!

  5. Lovely rainy day outfit! I always find it hard to think of what to wear but you look so put together and comfy. And I can't believe you got that star necklace at Claires! I should start shopping there again. And I absolutely love your new hair! Definitely looks hassle free.

  6. Cute outfit! Your hair looks really nice.
    It was raining in socal as well.. so cold!

  7. oh gosh you look so good :D i love your belt. i'm just a huge sucker for belts, honestly. that star necklace was the first thing i noticed - adorable!

  8. I love your new hair-- love, love, love. Then again, there's no way I'm the first to tell you this, doll! :)

    Aren't you just so excited for Thanksgiving break? I swear, Wednesday can't come quick enough for me!

    You look absolutely gorgeous, as always. Wishing you a lovely Sunday (since it's almost Sunday)!

    ps: Not a fan of how dark it gets so early.

  9. veryy adorable! i love your thrifted finds :)
    ah i'm experiencing weird weather where i live too! it's hard to keep up with it.



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