Flight of Fancy

---flight of fancy : an unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream.
Here are some yesterday-photos! I wasn't too happy about my Tuesday post (outfit-wise) so I'm hoping this Thursday post will make up for that! I actually really like these photos, which (as many of you probably feel as well) made me feel confident and excited yesterday when I was editing them! And more happy today as I'm posting them!

My mom surprised me with these leopard print tights a bit ago, and I had been waiting to wear them! I decided yesterday was perfect - even if it mean mixing a few patterns along the way. ;) The addition of the green flats and scarfs rounded off the outfit, in my opinion. I enjoyed the colors. One of my favorite combination at the moment! What colors combos are your current favorites?

It's nearly Friday! My weekend looks to be busy. Saturday I'm going to start an interning job at a store downtown (more of which I'll share later) and only a few hours later, I have another Rockband concert! It's called the acoustic show, but we are only doing one acoustic song. Hopefully there will be photos from this to come! Sunday I'm singing with the praise band early in the morn'...and Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day!), I may be going into the city to go thrifting with my friends! Busybusy. Hopefully fun!

What are your plans for the weekend? & please don't forget to enter my giveaway.


scarf: mom's
belt: goodwill
skirt: forever 21
shoes: thrift town
pearls: antique store
sweater: urban outfitters
polka-dotted cardigan, & tights: target
currently listening to... Psycho Girlfriend videos.


  1. i love the pattern mixing AND green flats. you look beautiful.
    i am coming to live where you are! it looks SO warm!
    good luck with your first day of interning love!!!

  2. Your mom is the coolest! Those tights really awesome ;) And I love all the subtle green touches!


  3. GAH THE PATTERN MIXING. So inspirational. ♥
    your flats are the perfect shade of green!
    and i saw that polka dot cardigan and target and i loved it and never bought it! i really should. :)

  4. Great Great Outfit!!! And now I will kick myself because I just got home from Target and almost bought those tights, but put them back for boring black ones. You made them look great with your pattern mixing:)

  5. you are so adorable! your outfits always look great :)

  6. It sounds like you have a pretty great weekend lined up! And what a great way to kick it off than with a good batch of photos : )

  7. ok, I NEED to come live where you are. It looks so beautiful there with all the colours and sun! Maybe I'll just come visit for the winter and get out of this silly place! I think your scarf and shoes totally complete this outfit. I also like your necklace combo. I might have to try the pearls with the gold.


  8. Aw! Your pattern mixing is too sweet. I love it!

  9. I love the different patterns, colors, and everything else! Lovely.


  10. I like all the patterns here. You look really cute!
    Good luck with that job! I'm sure everything will be fine <3

  11. the pops of green are unexpected but really kind of perfect. I know how you feel about wearing an outfit and not feeling 100% about it but then how confident you can feel when you're wearing something that you really love. The right outfit can definitely put a little sass in your step :)


  12. Loving the pattern mixing. Great look!

    I am looking forward to spring recycling. I want to throw out all those things that "will be useful some day" so my shoebox home feels a little more roomie again :)
    Happy weekend!

  13. Hi girl!
    How are you?

    Your blog is very nice! I love the mix of patterns/colors!
    Come check mine &. Would you like to follow each other?

    Hugs &. Kisses, Valerie
    @ screamyourfeelingsout.blogspot.com

  14. Eeeep, I almost bought that sweater (or one like it) from UO yesterday! Now I kinda wish I had. I love the polka dots underneath as well!

    Sounds like you'll be a busy lady this weekend! Good luck with everything and your internship!

  15. I adore you and your prints and layering, seriously I get so inspired by how you wear different color combos and everything. Always a lovely surprise each time! Have a fun extended weekend :)

  16. The pops of green with the shoes and scarf is perfect. Awesome color palette. You look gorgeous as always darling:) xx Marisa

  17. the outfit is lovely, so many different textures and things to look at. i wish my mum would surprise me with leopard tights! they look great x

  18. SO as the photos were loading I was thinking "oh my! I love pearls!" Then it got further down and I said "Look at those awesome tights!" then when it got to the green shoes I started googling where to find some. LOVE the shoes.

    You look great.

    And yes, I will say it on every post.

    I love your hair. I want to cut mine off whenever I see yours.

  19. Your mom is so nice to get you those tights.


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