Pink & Blue.

I'll start this off by giving y'all a gentle warning that this post is rather photo heavy. But I'm sure you'll want to keep viewing because they are lovely photos if I do say so, myself. ;) Today, my model friend, Lijah, and I decided to go into Open Space and take photos! There was lots of sunlight, but I think it worked with these (who cares if there are shadows in photos occasionally, right?!). Me managed to get a whole bunch of good ones. I took some, he took some, and the tripod took some.

Speaking of the tripod, I swear, one day soon it's going to drop my new camera. It's so flimsy and the legs have been bent out of alignment...eep, I'm just worried for my poor camera! Heh. :( Also... in situations like this, a remote might have been helpful! We kept leaping up from our poses to go hit the timer again. Sheesh. I'm such a cheap skate when it comes to this kinda thing.

Anyway, enjoy our fun little photo shoot! And our model-esque poses et cetera, and such. ;) As for the title of this post, can you believe our unexpected clothing color coordination?! He wore blue, and I wore pink. Crazy, I know, right? x

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  1. gahh! you two are so adorable. i know i keep saying this, but it's so true :)

  2. your outfit is so pretty! love the cardigan!

    I just came across your blog, I'm a new follower!


  3. These photos are awesome! I love your outfit, I have a thing for studs, and I love your one bracelet with the heart. Your guy friend also looks pretty spiffy... can't beat a guy in button up!

  4. You two are both so cute! It looks like you had an awesome day. I get scared about my tripod sometimes, too. I actually come across nice ones at the thrift stores a lot--maybe you could buy a new old one?

    Those tights are outta this world, and the studs on your skirt are just great :)


  5. I love your shoes in this one!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  6. These pictures are so lovely! And that location looks so magical... I want to go roam in the fields! Where I live, it's snow covered, and cold doesn't even describe the temperature. So looking at these warmer weather pictures, it makes me a little jealous :)

  7. You two are adorable, so funny and well-dressed !

    Huuuuuuugs and good luck with the badass tripod:)

  8. This place looks so picturesque!

  9. these pictures are beautiful.
    i want to be where you are!!!
    and your model friend is super cute!!! :)
    have a great week love!

  10. well dont you two look dapper :) loving your tights and the photos really did come out great

  11. These photos are so cute! And the location you chose is lovely <3

    New follower here, I truly love your outfits, I've been looking at them for a while now! ;)


  12. amazing photo the light is truly beautiful, you guys looks at ease and very fun in front of the cam ,love it!x

  13. your friend is very cute :P and I love the pictures he took! Awesome! or maybe it was the tripod magic :P idk!

  14. Ha! This photoshoot rocks! Love the lighting and you guys are so adorable ;) And those tights are the coolest! (can I call them batman tights? :P)


  15. What lovely pictures!! Your outfit is adorable, and I love the picure of your friend standing on his hands!! So cool!! I wish I could do that...

    ~ Katie

  16. Amazing the pictures are beautiful!! You both look wonderful as well as the location!


  17. The pictures look amazing! I always adore pictures taken in the fields. They always come out looking great! :)


  18. Love your outfit.. The pictures are just amazing...
    Lee x

  19. You look like you're in a movie, and I love the post below. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  20. I love the outfit...that skirt is super cool.

    And the pictures? So pretty! Reminds me of the landscape in Brigadoon. :)

    I need to buy a remote too...sadly Canon didn't install the equipment for my camera to use a wireless remote so I have to buy a ton of stuff to use a remote.

  21. These photos are so pretty and rad! The first two of you are so great and you are just one pretty lady!

  22. Oh my gosh! These photos are so beautiful and so lovely and adorable.

  23. You two are adorable!

    I like your tights a lot, I've never seen any like them.

  24. These are such amazing photos!

    Btw, an award for you at my blog. Thanks and cheers! :)


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