February the 3rd, 2011

dress: forever 21, jacket: macy's, sweater: thrift town, flats: antique store
Wow, this week has flown by. But at the same time, as I sit in school all the long hours, I feel like it is going so slow. But then when it's Thursday night and I'm scrambling to get all my homework done (tonight: precalculus study guide/study for precalc test, outline for junior research paper, physiology muscle lab + questions, Adventures of Huckleberry Fin reading...), I yet again, know how fast everything is going and how my time needs to still be prioritized better. I still have faith that one day I will get them straight. I can hope at least?

After school, I went into town with my mom and we snapped these shots then went to a newly built Whole Foods for a snack. We've been shopping a bit more there, and I'm still unsure of how I feel about it. They do have good baked goods though. And I can't deny a good baked good. No sir. We got big pretzels and drinks and then went home. If you were wondering, yes, the pretzels had been warmed up and were soft and delicious. (now I'm hungry again.)

Tomorrow I'm going to try to make it through another busy day, hopefully having some fun along the way - because, tomorrow night I'm going with a bunch of people to Battle of the Bands to support my friend's band, Handshake. It would be amazing and so great if they won. :) Talk to you soon! x

p.s. I was wearing jeans and a blazer over a sweater yesterday as a more casual outfit, and my friend Lijah goes, "You look normal today." And I was like, "Thanks." What great friends I have! Mind the sarcasm... ;)
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  1. I love the print and the color combo of your skirt, the last pic is pretty awesome too!

  2. whole foods is so fun but so expensive! I really love the skirt you're wearing, and all the different textures :) good luck with your homework!


  3. I love that print on the skirt/dress.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  4. You wear such lovely outfits, and your photos are always beautiful.

    x Courtney

  5. I love everything about this! That print is so, so sweet!

  6. Dont you wish we could all move to a blog town and no one would look at you weird when you look pictures and everyone looked beautiful. It would be the most creative place on earth! I wish for that sometimes! hehe

    I think you look normal all the time! I love your outfits!


  7. Ok I love love love your jacket and jeeez you have the best hair ever! I have always wanted to cut mine all off to see what it looks like..maybe one day I'll get the balls.
    you look great!


  8. The lighting in these photos is amazing. Love your outfit, that jacket is so gorgeous! Ah and those pretzels just made me super hungry too!


  9. Great pics! I really love this outfit. The way you mixed everything together looks amazing.

  10. My friends say the same thing to me sometimes too! But its alright. I think you look stunning!

    Good luck with your school work. And let us know how Battle of the Bands goes.

  11. Your hair and style is actually incredible! I can't belive I've only just found your blog! Love it!

    The Flower Girl,


  12. You look normal today....that is hilarious...I think you look normal/super special everyday! Love your style girl. And now I'm craving a big pretzel!

  13. Goodness, I can't believe that you're only a junior in high school. If only I had been half as stylish as you! You seem like you have a really good head on your shoulders :) What is your paper going to be about?

    The print of that skirt is so nice :) And that is some sweet layering, lady! Love it.



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