Guest post from... The Rabbit-Hearted Girl!

Hi there, missing lovebirds readers! My name is Sydney and I'm usually blogging over at the rabbit-hearted girl, but today I'll be filling in for Elanor! I love her vintage style, and I tried to capture that in my outfit today, but unfortunately I don't own very many vintage pieces. I don't think there's a real vintage store in my town, not even a Goodwill. We only have a couple of consignment shops that rarely have cute clothes and a Plato's Closet. Anyway, I tried to create a vintage vibe with new pieces today!

Looking at these pictures now, I realize I look like a mess! My dress is all wrinkled and I have a hole in my tights. Sorry about that! These tights are funny because they're really popular with a lot of people. Every time I wear them, I get several compliments on them. It's always interesting to me which clothes I wear that are liked by others, especially people who aren't necessarily interested in fashion or style. Do any of you guys have any random pieces that you get a lot of compliments on?

Well, that's all for me. I hope that all of you are having a wonderful week! ♥
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  1. Thanks so much for helping me out, Sydney! I really love your outfit. The jacket adds such edge to this, and I love how the boots kind of go hand it hand with the military-esque style of the jacket.

    I can see why you get compliments on those tights! They are crazy amazing. :)

    Again, thanks so much, girl! ♥

  2. Sydney, I am absolutely smitten over this outfit. Your tights are gorgeous and so is that coat! So cute. Ah, you're lovely lady!! xo

  3. Eeep! Loving those shoes and that coat! You look lovely.

  4. Well, they are awesome tights after all. But so is that jacket - trim is just lovely.

    I am surprised sometimes how a lot of people will commment about the same item (even when none of the comments are published yet and none of them know the others have said the same)

  5. Yaaaaay Sydneeeey :) I love her outfit!
    oh and elanor: haha I do have a boyfriend but I never eeeeeeever see him, so I have too find distractions that motivate me to actually drag my butt to class. I never talk to them anyway :P I just love watching them :P

  6. The trim on your little jacket + your lacey tights makes this outfit so, so cool! and your milk maid braids dont hurt either, lookin good girl :)


  7. Hey there Sydney! I enjoyed your photos and outfit! :)

  8. hello miss sydney! You look ever so cute and your tights are killer. I can see why you always get compliments on them

  9. Your dress is sooo cute ! and i love your tights :D

  10. you don't look like a mess. you look wonderful and I love your jacket so much. this was a fun guest entry.

  11. I think you rocked a terrific vintage feel with your ensemble! Loved it - thanks for filling in! Your blog is great too~


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