dress: forever 21, cardi: thrift town, sweater: urban outfitters, heels: ross
Hey loves! ♥ Sorry for my little spaz/freak out in the post below from a few hours ago. I was just super excited to know that I hadn't lost my blog! Silly Google... scaring me like that. :( Did the malfunction effect any of you guys? I'm so glad that it's fixed and I have ML and my gmail back. It made me realize how upset I'd be if I ever actually lost my blog or had to stop blogging, etc! Jeez. This also makes me realize that I need to back up some stuff and protect my blogger content... Does anyone know how to do this?

Today was the first day back to the grind! My break was very lovely, but I am also glad to be back in school, for some reason. I probably won't feel that way tomorrow though! In fact, on a completely different note, my feet are killing me from wearing these heels today! I absolutely adore them, but my feet are not happy. How do you women wear heels every single day?! I must learn - and join your ranks!! Eh? :) I hope your Monday has been an okay ease into the week ahead! Hugs. x
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  1. I am absolutely crazy about this outfit.
    I am so glad I found your blog- you are my new favourite blogger :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. such a cute outfit! and your tights are amazing!!!


  3. You look absolutely lovely!
    Aw, I'd imagine how much wearing heels all day! :O but I guess it gets easier as you wear them more and more.

    Happy Monday!


  4. ahh so relieved to know your blog isn't gone! i tried accessing it yesterday and it kept saying it was non-existent! love your outfit and glad you are back!! :)

  5. Glad to have you back! I wondered whether you'd up and left/changed URL but then I heard about google's boo boo and figured you must be affected. Good to see they got it sorted :D

    Looking lovely. Those tights are amazing and I love your cute little key neckleace :)

  6. great outfit! liking the cardie and rings the best! :)

  7. I'm so glad your blog is back! I was like, flipping out. I got all worried.

    Anyway... That sweater is so freakin' fantastic. I love the length and the little tab detail at the bottom. So cute!

    I don't know how to do Blogger backups, either, but it's something I'm interested in doing, too. Hmmm.

    I walk miles every day, and boyyy heels can get hold after a while. Some more than others. I just try to avoid the ones I already know are hell if I know it's going to be a walktastic day.

    So glad your blog is ok!


  8. That second last photo is absolutely gorgeous!! The lighting is perfect! I cant wait to be able to be outside when the sun is setting. It's just too damn cold to be outside without the sun in full height here!

    I find I can only wear wedges for a long period of time!


  9. that would have scared the crap out if me too, crazy google folks need to get their act together. Love that sweater, it looks so cozy

  10. I really like your outfit, but what stood out even more is your flawless skin. So gorgeous

  11. I love the colors of your outfit! They are a lovely in between winter and spring grouping. I think the heels look great on you but I don't know how anyone can wear them all day long. Especially if you are walking and standing all day! Glad to see your blog is still here as well.

  12. I'd freak out to if my blog just disappeared! and if yours disappeared of course, it's such a lovely blog! :D I think you are stunning, and I absolutely adore your outfits. The casual meets girlie meets retro vibe of all of it is totally my thang and I love it!

    I don't wear heels every day either, it's just not possible for people with feet that actually have nerves in them.

  13. I hate malfunctions like that. I totally had a scare like that last year. I was in a weird place emotionally, so I decided to delete my blog, so I did and you know you have 90 days before it disappears completely? Well, it was gone and I cried and then it came back. It was weird, but it was terrifying!

    But I'm glad it's fine now! Your outfit is so playful and I love the color palette!

  14. LOVE this whole outfit. you have the best style!


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