Head Scarf!

dress, heels, scarf & button-up: goodwill, leather jacket: vintage (my mom's), tights: target
Happy Monday! I was near contemplating not taking photos or making a post today, but, I had tried a new style out today so I figured I must show you! I tried out this head band scarf style thing! It's probably not that foreign to all you bloggers, but I got a few strange looks at school. Who cares about them, though?! Anyway, I wasn't going to post because I just don't feel too good today, unfortunately. Just icky. I dunno. :( Pray for a swift recovery from whatever this is for me.

I'm almost to 200 followers, and I just wanted to say, you guys are amazing. Every day I'm shocked when I see a new follower, and it just makes me so happy that you guys are interested in what I have to say. ♥

I had something else to say but it has completely slipped my mind. It was probably about the weather and how insane it has been lately. Today it was relatively dry, however, and I managed to grab these shots with even a bit of sunshine! Glorious! We made it through Monday! X
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  1. I love the headscarf! The color of your dress is so flattering!

  2. OMG D: I was going to try that today, but I couldn't figure out how to wrap the thing around my head, so I ended up with this weird looking turban, which I didn't like :/ and that made me really sad, but seeing this makes me go crazy-happy! You look fabulous! I just love it to death!

  3. love love love your dress.
    you styled it perfectly..
    i hope you feel better love. :(
    have a wonderful week and happy spring.

  4. Feel better soon Elanor! I totally love the headscarf, its such a great look, especially with your hairstyle. And the color combo of the skirt and top...AMAZING! Seriously, I'm drooling over it, you are a genius.

  5. love the headscarf it looks so cute with your pixie do

  6. You look so awesome! First off, that headband is so classy, who cares if sweatpants wearing people at school give weird looks! (At least that's what the people who give dirty looks wear at my school, haha!) Secondly, I looove the color of that dress!!! Ahh, jade! I love jade green!! And then with the jacket to top it all off! So cool Elanor, so cool! ♥

  7. Love the headband! And love that you are comfortable enough to try out all of these bold fashion statements while still in high school. I never would have had your courage three years ago!


  8. Hey, at least you didn't get called into the office for wearing gang paraphernalia. We weren't allowed to wear head scarves in highschool unless it was religious based. We also couldn't wear red and white together..don't ask.. But you rocked that headscarf so well! It looks great in your hair!

  9. Love the headscarf on you! If any high school girl can pull it off it;s you! I so wish I was more like you back in high school!


  10. Head scarf! I love it! You look so lovely, and the color of your dress is wonderful :)
    Hope you're feeling better soon <3

  11. Oh my darling, you're so adorable. I love that dress and the scarf is so cute on you. Love your hair!


  12. okay now i need to try a head scarf. i really love this idea! hopefully i can fit my hair up on top of my head :D haha

  13. totally sweetheart.

    have a fabulous spring!!

    katrina,xx www.theyoungbridgetjones.blogspot.com

  14. i adore the color of that dress it is perfect for spring, and the headband is so girly and cute!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    how did you do the headband?! tres magnificant!

    is it a scarf, and you tied it up all wicked cool like that?

    you have awesome style! i love love love the pale mint of this dress.

    talk soon wild child,
    p..s congrats on the 200th follower! :)

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  16. i love love love love this look!! and the headband looks sooooo good!!


  17. i really like the headscarf on you, I have tried it but i think my heads too small...it just looked strange on me.

  18. Awesome headscarf :) Love the button up together with the dress

  19. Man, this outfit is perfect! I love the contrast of pastel colors with your leather jacket - but it's not in an excessively girly way, more along the lines of something rockabilly inspired. And I love that.


  20. You and your head wrap are too stinkin' cute! This is just a really great look for you. I totally love it. I wish I was as secure with myself in high school as you seem to be.

  21. That head wrap looks so adorable on you. That mint green is such a wonderful color. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  22. The color of your dress is one of my favorite colors to wear. Looks great on you!!

    strawberry freckleface

  23. hi elanor!
    your blog is gorgeous! especilally i love this look (because i'm a little rock)


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