It's Friday!

sweater & boots: goodwill, skirt: ?, shirt: old navy, purse: thrifted
It's raining again. Going to be for the next 10 days, I hear! Gosh! It's Friday, and time for relaxation (or time to party if you're Rebecca Black... Anyone else laughing hysterically at this girl/this song/this music video??) Nothing more to say! I'm about to go to Lijah's and watch The Event. Whoo! X
currently listening to... Rebecca Black - Friday


  1. beautiful, i love your big chunky cardigan

  2. hahahahaha after a week of the whole friday thing, I still find it funny. my brother was like "it's an okay video" WHAT?! an OKAY video?!?!?!??! hahaha damn, anyway, looking adorable as always! I love your boho-chic style!

  3. i love your outfit. you look so comfy and beautiful!
    and i know what you mean about the friday video, it comes up on facebook newsfeed so many times i dont even know what to do!

  4. I love your belt and necklace with this outfit :) Looking great!

    Ouch. The Event makes me think of scissors.. in a bad way :D Enjoy!

  5. love the outfit, the color scheme is great and i adore that purse!

    <3 steffy

  6. You're so cute! i love your hair! stumbled upon your blog. following now :)
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  7. Well Elanor, I hope you had Fun Fun Fun Fun!!! (God I've never laughed so hard in my life at a music video!)

    Ok, well your are sporting the brown and layers very beautifully. I love the way you paired the long skirt with those boots.

  8. Love the colours in this outfit and the bag and cardie are gorgeous :)
    hope the rains cleared off by now! x

  9. I love all of your thrifty finds :) you always no how to put such a cute outfit together!

  10. AHHHHH i cant get that song out of my head!!!!
    i like this outfit alot.
    you thrift the prettiest things. i just love your bag.

  11. I know this is kind of strange but I really love the tee shirt you are wearing! The cut and color is gorgeous : )

  12. I was showing your blog to my boyfriend yesterday, and he was like, "pff, you're only this obssessed with it because you guys look alike," which forced me to defend the REAL reasons I love your blog. And these are them:
    1) you are a good writer and make me laugh and keep me entertained
    2) you have really nice photos that are a pleasure to look at
    3) you make pieces that I never would have picked out look drop-dead-gorgeous
    4) you style pieces that I would pick out in ways I never would have thought to

    In summary: you rock.

  13. i seriously had that skirt in blue and loved it (it ripped since i wore it constantly for a few years)

    aww rain is fun and you look great in it


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