Pushing Onward

dress: goodwill, cardigan, boots, & belt: vintage, tights: forever 21
Aaaand it's raining again. We had a few dry days, but then rain again! I think it's weirdly funny that it's colder in Northern California right now than in places that someone might think would be colder in comparison... like places in the Midwest. I hear it's hot there, now! Aghh, well, I'm waiting for summer weather over here, still.

I'm about to go to my friend Miranda's house for somewhat of a girl's night/pre calculus-extra credit-project night (one of the many projects I have to do...!) I hope you all will have a sunny, beautiful, long Memorial Weekend! I shall be doing lots of homework... but hopefully having a little bit of fun too. ;) I can't wait till summer is finally here...! x
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  1. Very pretty outfit, I love that you paired the bold floral tights with the more subtle floral dress! Don't feel too bummed about your weather, I live in Chicago and it's rainy and chilly here too. :/

  2. i so love that forest green cardigan, esp with floral print

  3. It is my first time on your blog - and I'm completely in love with your hair! I wish I could pull off a crop like you do!


  4. Love this blog, your style, hair, outfit..everything! <3

  5. I totally adore your dress; I'm a hopeless sucker for cherries! Loving the warm looking, slouchy green cardigan paired with the outfit! Good luck with all your homework--you're almost done!

  6. bleck to rain! those tights are stunnnning!!
    <3 steffy
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  7. One of my favorite outfits. The boots with the floral tights are great with that dress. Hope your weekend goes well!

  8. Lovely photos and your dress is super super pretty!

  9. This is the first time I've been on your blog too, and your hair cut is perfect.

    The outfit and the photo coloring is great too. I love the dress. :)

  10. Pretty photos! This outfit makes me miss having boots!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  11. i love your dress :)
    and love your boots <3
    lovely outfit :)



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