Fairfax Fest!

dress: forever 21, sweater: my mom's, platforms, & little purse: goodwill
Long time no see! I got through last week fine, but I missed my normal posts! I hope you all are well. I just have three days of school left, then, summer! I still can't believe it. The weather has become nice just in time though... :) So, about this post, yesterday, Nathaniel and I went to the Fairfax festival! It was fun wandering around and looking at booths, meeting up with some of our friends later, and taking photos! It was beautiful out, though rather windy. But that's usual.

Strangely enough, I don't have anything much else to say. I figure that once summer is officially here, the posts will come in much more frequently and hopefully I'll have a bunch to say because I'll be doing a bunch. ALSO, I've been trying to comment more, and that will definitely increase once school is finished. Thanks for everything, guys! x
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  1. that dress is so gorgeous, i loveee the collar on it!! we missed you a bit last week, or i did :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. I've been away from blogging for FOREVER, so I just went back and read like two months of your blog! And oh, how I missed reading it! All of your outfits the past couple of months have been absolutely wonderful. So is your photography. I have serious photo envy. Anyway, this dress is so adorable and the festival looks like so much fun! I'm glad I get to keep up with your blog! :)

  3. Oooh, the fairfax festival looks and sounds like such a fun time! You are so pretty! That dress is adorable :)

  4. you are so so cute. LOVE your adorable dimples and the collar on that dress!

  5. i love this look :)
    esp love the dress <3


  6. What a cool festival! I love hippy type things like that:) I'm sure the smell of pacoulli incense was wafting through the festivites..hehe.. And your outfit is so pretty. I love the collar on the dress.

  7. you look absolutely stunning! i love your blog! :) and your style is just marvelous! :) followed you here and in chictopia.. :)

    really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back.. :)



  8. You're looking too cute here! Love that dress and blue and brown together :)

  9. these photos are great and so much fun! you're a stunner, and so is your blog :)

  10. Your dress and little bag are so cute (as are you)! Yipee for summer! :)

  11. Hey, I'm a newbie to your blog, but I must say: I LOVE IT :)
    Plus your hair looks uber cute.
    I shall definitely be returning.


  12. Aw what a fun time! I love festivals and I love those backpacks pictured!

  13. What an adorable outfit! I love your dress - that tie is darling!

    That festival looks like so much fun. I really wish there was more stuff like that around where I live. :-P

    I hope you start posting more after school finishes! I love your posts! <3

  14. Oh I just love your outfit! Well I love anything sailor-esque, but this is particularly sweet. And your hair is making me sad, I used to have that cut but I grew it out. Ah but it just looks so cute on you!


    Caitlin Rose

  15. Oh, my! Your boy boy looks SO much like Heath Ledger from 10 things I hate about you! I'm jealous ;) And oh, gosh. If I ever saw you in public, I'd just think you were the prettiest thing I'd ever seen.

  16. This looks like such fun and you look lovely of course :)
    Yay for summer :D

  17. so awesome photos ! you look beautiful.
    nice dress :)


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