Goodnight Rose

blouse, skirt, & brogues: goodwill, straw purse: thrifted, turquoise tear drop necklace: gift from nat ♥
Hey there. :) I'm very glad I got shots of this outfit, because I really quite enjoy it. This skirt and blouse were both purchased at the Goodwill in the Haight when I was down there meeting up with Nicole of Coco Maria last week. Both articles are very sheer and light, and soo pretty! I'm glad I came across them! In addition, the color of this blouse might be my current favorite color ever... dusty rose. I think it's such a beautiful color. I can't wait to pair this blouse up with some neutral colors as well!

So, as I mentioned before, I finally got a Bloglovin', which I'm excited about. Follow Missing Lovebirds! And that got me thinking about other things. Should I get a Facebook for Missing Lovebirds? Or Twitter? I thought it might be a good way to notify you cats when something new over here is happening. Let me know what you think, please! Oh, and I've been thinking about either getting a Formspring so you guys can ask questions, or get an FAQ (which you all should supply some questions for!)... And finally, maybe doing a vlog soon? As I said, let me know! xx
currently listening to... Ryan Adams - Goodnight Rose


  1. You are so adorable!!! So feminine and pretty :) I'm also thinking of creating Facebook page for my blog ;)



  2. Oh, I've said it before and I might as well say it again (because it's oh so true), but you are just one stunning gal! I wish I was as brave as you to have such a smart looking pixie cut... It just looks so delightful on you!

    And this outfit is a total gem, as well! Muted pink and polka dots? Sign me up please ❤

  3. ohhh, i love this! that dusty rose color is so beautiful. and it looks adorable with that little polka dot skirt ;)

    and you're such a beauty!

  4. Ohh, I love this outfit! Your shoes especially. I've been wanting a pair of loafer like shoes for a while. Also, I think it'd be a splendid idea to get a twitter, it's a great way to keep everybody up to date and whatnot.


  5. Oh that skirt is so cute!
    You should def get a fb. I dont have one cuz i feel like its too many things to keep up with, but i heard it can fun =)

  6. Elanor you are so beautiful!! usually i dont like short hair on women but you are ADORABLE! and what a cute skirt too :)
    i m now following!

  7. I always love vlogs...I've never done one myself (probably b/c I am too shy), but nonetheless it would be lovely to see one from you:) Twitter...yes! As for Formspring, it is a cool concept, but I closed mine down after getting too much spam and inappropriate innuendo type questions.

    Dusty Rose is a gorgeous color on you. I do wish it was one I could pull off so flawlessly as you do. The top, skirt, shoes - all incredibly beautiful finds!!

  8. Dusty Rose IS such an enchanting color-- great find in that blouse, so pretty! -^_^-

  9. I love this outfit; it´s probably one of my favorites. Everything about it is just so perfect.
    And you should definitely get a twitter. I got one recently and I am really glad I did. You can interact with other bloggers in a new way. It´s just great. You should totally do it; you won´t regret it.

  10. Those necklaces are totally cool together. I think you should do a facebook page:) I'm going to be making one this weekend. It'll good for a media kit, if you ever need to make one.

  11. this is so romantic and flowing. the skirt is a wonderful length. your loafers are my dream. great necklaces they are a cool matchup.


  12. Such a lovely outfit - awesome sleeves and those pleated details at the front are just brilliant too :)

  13. Just found your blog through Maggie's, and I love your outfit! The polka dotted skirt goes so well with the blouse, and I love your purse and knotted necklace! Love it. :)

    I also love your pixie cut - it's so cute on you! :)


  14. I love this outfit, the bag skirt and shoes look perfect together, and the pink top really suits you! I've been seriously debating getting a facebook for my blog, I think you should go for it! Also I love your hairstyle!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  15. That color looks beautiful on you! And I always love the photography on your blog. Do you take your own pictures?

  16. You look lovely, as usual! That skirt is adorable - polka dots!

    I've yet to get a Facebook for my blog, but I've had a Twitter for some time to keep up with other bloggers... only now am I starting to use it to keep up with friends. Twitter's probably less maintenance, so if you're not looking to spend too much time on something, I'd go with that.


  17. I'm seriously in love with those wedges, and that pizza looks amazing!

  18. What a lovely outfit! Your blouse is gorgeous. <3

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Doctor Who is definitely a very cool show. You should really try it. It's on Netflix instant if you have that. That's how I've been watching it. :D

  19. dusty rose is probably one of my favorite colors! especially since I don't like pink, I think this shade is just beautiful. Urgh, these pictures are so great! I get like this type of picture-gasm (that sounds nasty) every time I see your blog. You have so many great shots! can I just be your best friend? Thanks :P

  20. That dusty rose color is gorgeous on you. Those photos are all amazing. Also, really love your shoes!


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