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blouse & boots: goodwill, cardigan: vintage, purse: dooney & burke, etsy, jeans: forever 21
Hey! So, these photos are from last weekend when my relatives from Michigan came out for a visit! I didn't mention anything on here cuz it was pretty quick and busy right before school started... but now I'll give a bit of info. We took them on our own little tour of the city, showing touristy things and the like. It was fun feeling as though I knew something about a place that other don't! ...Despite the fact that I don't live in San Francisco and don't really know all that much...haha.... But it was a fun last weekend. :)

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about that cause I want to keep this post short and I still wanna mention few things...! One, I've put an FAQ section on my About Me page (which so far just has 3 questions, haha) and I finally made my very own Formspring for Missing Lovebirds. Now you can ask me stuff! The box is to the right on my sidebar, as you probably can see. AND, as my final announcement.... I made it to 400 followers! I'm so thrilled and thankful that you guys have stuck with me this long... and that this silly little blog has become something I am very proud of and love in my life.

As strange or silly as this may sound, blogging and personal style has given me a passion. I realize that I had been waiting to find something that I am truly passionate about doing, and I hadn't found that passion till I start this blog. I'm so happy I did, and I'm so happy to have met all of you. So, thank you all again! And I DO in fact, have a giveaway planned! I just need to photograph it... ;) Talk to you all soon, loves! xx
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  1. Love your style. I'm glad you've found a passion! Blogging is a good one :)

    - Chandler


  2. You look so beautiful! Every time I see your hair it makes me want to chop mine off again :) Congrats on reaching 400, you totally deserve it, your blog is so great!


  3. Congrats on the 400 followers. You definately deserve it. Your outfits are always inspiring & your photos are gorgeous. You should be proud of your work & your blog ...

  4. Lovely smile you have. Like the polka dots top :D

  5. Congratulations on reaching four hundred followers! That's awesome! Also, I love this outfit! It's pretty much the perfect way to style jeans, I think! I'll definitely have to try this look out as soon as the weather chills a bit :)

  6. Woooo well done on the 400 followers! Looking lovely as always!

  7. blogging is fab!! I have two and i love them both x

  8. Congrats on 400 followers! I'm your 402nd! :)

    Anywho, I found your blog through your quest post on Lifesize Paperdoll, and I've got to say that I love your blog and your style like crazy. :)

    I adore your outfit here...it's pretty casual, yet really classy and cute. The whole skinny jeans, collared shirt, cardigan, and boots thing is like my weekend uniform, haha. :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  9. Congrats on 400!! Those pics with the bridge behind really turned out awesome! It must have been the overcast day. Love your casual outfit - and YOU! xo

  10. Omg you're wearing jeans! How exciting is that? I am so happy! I always feel like the only one who ever wears jeans (non stop actually) and I am so glad you did it! Now I can get some inspiration from here <3 and congrats on the 400 followers! Your blog will always be one of my favorites

  11. I just found your blog the other day, and it's already become one of my favorites! I'm always looking for blogs featuring girls with pixie cuts (like me) and I just love your style. I live just outside the Bay Area, too! Congrats on your follows, can't wait to see what else you do/wear!

  12. Yay!! 400 followers !! That's pretty great:) And I'm happy to see your first day back to school was good.

  13. How nice it must be to live within a fair distance from such a pretty place. These pictures are wonderful.. :)


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