These are just a few of the film photos that my boyfriend, Nat, took on his Honeywell Pentax on this day that we went to Petaluma about a month ago. Film photos have such a different quality to them than digital. While I love my digital camera, I really like how these came out and all the photos that Nat has been taking lately. I also love that he likes photography. I think it's pretty stinkin' cute. ♥


  1. Wow! These "film" pictures are great! There is a different quality to them - he's a good photographer! xo

  2. I love film photos:) These came out really well!!

  3. great sunglasses !!have you seen my new post ?

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  5. You look so beautiful in both film and digitial Elanor! So lucky that your boo likes photography, your photos look great!! (They also do when you take them with your tripod, too :)) Has he or yourself ever used a dark room? Its such a difficult but reward experience...seeing your photos come to life on paper in front of you is awesome!

    Honeywell looks like it belongs in Europe! Love these photos, thank you for sharing, love <3

  6. Lovely shots! I agree that it's super cute when boys like photography. ♥ When I get a boy friend I really hope he likes photography. :D

  7. Great photos, I'm loving that amazing retro-feel!


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