No Cars Go

dress: hot topic, sweater: thrifted, tights: target, wedges: kohl's
Well this is new! I haven't posted an outfit that I wore that day in a long while! I wonder why I stopped doing that... I kinda missed it! Now I can say that this is what I wore today - on a chilly November day! That's right, I said chilly. It was windy and cold today, and even with this thick sweater I was shivering while taking these photos. It even rained/misted a bit earlier today. I wonder if it is the first official day of cool weather.

I've had a strange week. I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday. My week was great on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday I got really upset/mini meltdown... and today and tomorrow consist of quizzes that I am confident that I will do poorly on. Woot! Anywaaay, TGIF tomorrow! I'm now off to go do homework and study and hopefully work on some college applications... How was your week?? Have a great Thursday/Friday! xx
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  1. Hang in there girlfriend!! Love your outfit - those are Vera Wang wedges for Kohls!! xoxo

  2. great outfit! love your tights!


  3. I really like those shoes and how your leg kind of curves into them? I don't know how to say what I am trying to describe but it looks very nice hahah. :) I love the green color you have up top, too. Lovely lovely pictures as always > w< <333

  4. Ooh! Those tights are adorable! <3 And they look so cool with those shoes! You have such a lovely style. <3

  5. i like your love tights.. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  6. Ohh, long time since I've checked out your blog but you are as sweet as last time :x Love the outfit and again : your haircut is wonderful !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend ! ♥

  7. woooow, love your style gorgeous!!!

  8. oh i love this outfit, everything goes perfectly with the others!!


  9. 1. Is that a forest green sweater? forest green anything is the best.

    2. I read "work on some college applications" then I checked your profile and I can't believe you're only 18! Not that you look old or anything, but you just seem to carry yourself so well and have this mature look about you that most teens lack.

  10. All the textures in this outfit are so gorgeous. Sorry you had a funky week. Hope it gets better. For me sometimes meltdowns are necessary and afterwards I feel so much better.

    <3 Rachel

  11. aw I'm sure you didn't do as bad as you thought you did! When I was in school I always did the worst on quizzes/ test that I thought I aced. Bah! Also, I love your little cozy sweater. Perfect for chilly weather indeed :)

  12. You look stunning! I love your sweater over the dress, I just recently wore an outfit like this :). I love chilly weather, isn't it wonderful!?
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey


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