Colored Rust

romper & cardigan: goodwill, top: crossroads, boots: vintage
First photos of my new auburn hair, and now photos with me wearing no eye makeup! What's come over me! Today I didn't put on eye makeup. I feel so bare without it... I think there has been only one other time I haven't worn eye liner + mascara on my blog. It's kind of just become a part of me, but I suppose I really should embrace myself without it. (without makeup in general... but that will take much longer...agh)

I keep forgetting to mention, but I have two features that I'd love to share with you all! A few weeks ago I did a Q&A with Directory-B that you can find here! Also, Pocketchange's Be In Style's blog added me to their most recent Best of the Web found here, and it would be great if you all could check out the other blogs that made it, as well as Pocketchange's website!

Last night, Nat and I made a bunch of peanut butter blossoms and I indulged in a few after taking these photos today... what yummy cookies. I advise all of you to make them ASAP! I think I'm going to eat another one now...hahaa... Have a great day! x
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  1. So, I suppose I'm late on this due to my terrible blogging habits, but YOUR HAIR! It looks fantastic! And you look beautiful with or without make-up, my dear :)
    Also, I've been baking and eating SO many cookies lately. Those peanut butter cookies look yummy!

  2. Ah you look so cute! And I think you look pretty without eye makeup anyways <3

  3. You look beautiful with or without makeup! Love the new hair color :)


  4. beautiful cardigan and dress, love the accessories too

  5. Cute look ! That little coin purse thingy is adorable. :)

    Merry (awaiting of) Christmas,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  6. Gosh your hair is such a beautiful colour!

  7. You look amazing. Seriously, if I could go without eye make up and look like you I totally would! :)

  8. You look gorgeous of course, with or without makeup. Love this little purse necklace. So cool.

  9. Absolutely LOVE this outfit!
    Also congrats on all the features : )

  10. Lady. I feel the same way. I haven't worn any make up in a week and have taken some photos I need to put up but I feel a little weird about it.
    I think i'll follow your lead :D
    You look awesome, your hair is perfect. <3 x

  11. I love love love that cardigan's color! It really pops out the outfit and the skirt has also a great print! :D

  12. love that outfit! and you are very pretty, with or without makeup.(:


  13. Congratz on your features, dear!
    I love your cardigan!

    I guess I should try adding eyeliner and mascara for a change! LOL


  14. LOVE your hair and the whole look, so cute! I follow you :D

  15. Merry Christmas Elanor!! I love the hair and that darling little coin purse necklace. Rust is such a pretty color on you. And those peanut butter blossoms were always one of my favorites that my grandmother made each year:)

  16. Lovely casual outfit, I adore the cardigan , beautiful colour! You look absolutely stunning on these photos, your short hair is gorgeous <3

  17. lovely outfit and photos. i really like your hair, it suits you so much!

    definitely going to be following your blog!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC


  18. How have I not commented on this look yet...it's amazing! I love the color of your cardigan, especially with everything else being black and white. It really stands out and so does your new hair color! So pretty :)
    I love those peanut butter cookies with kisses in them...they're one of my favorites!

  19. Agh... I feel so far behind on all the new exciting things happening over here. College acceptance! Finishing first semester! New hair color! No makeup! Peanut butter blossom cookies! Avocado on a bagel! It's all so lovely and nice! Wishing you the merriest Christmas! xx... :)

  20. Your new hair is just beautiful, it really suits you!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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