Oh, December

button-up: j. crew, cardigan: vintage, goodwill, skirt: vintage, my mom's, heels: ross, purse: urban outfitters
This weekend has gone by incredibly too fast. Anyone with me? Two weeks left of school before winter break, and I know I need to pick up the pace a little with my schoolwork...! To all of you finishing up this semester of high school/college, are you up to speed? Prepared for finals? ...eeeps!

Yesterday I went with my mom to do some errands, and we got our Chirstmas tree! Now, I have photos here of a tree buying patch place in our town, however... being the kind of family we are, my mother wanted to find the best deal on trees... SO we ended up getting our tree at a grocery store. I'm trying to make this blog an honest place. So don't judge! ;) But, all the same, it was fun snapping some photos of trees at this quaint little place. We also picked up Nat later and we hung out that evening. :)
I've been eager to work collars into outfits as much as possible, so I decided to layer one of my favorite cardigans over my favorite chambray button-up. As I look at these photos today I'm a little concerned that my upper half seems bulky because of the layers though; what do you think?

Anyway, we haven't decorated the tree yet but hopefully we'll do it this week! Maybe even today if I can get my homework and studying done...! Have a beautifully relaxing Sunday! ♥ xx
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  1. I adore your skirt, it's such a cute preppy outfit! I need to learn the art of layering :)

  2. beautiful collar and pretty pieces, love the photos too

  3. Darling post - I really adore your outfits. You have great style, especially with such lovely vintage flare :) Glad I found your blog.


  4. You look so lovely! The button up layered under the cardigan is such a great look - I'll definitely have to try it sometime soon!
    And as for school, I'm definitely in the same boat of having to pick up the pace. Which is clearly going well, since I'm reading blogs. Whoops!

  5. I don't think the sweater looks bulky at all, it looks great tucked into the belted skirt! Sweet little heels too.

    My family always buys their tree at Lowe's hardware store, definitely not the most glam or quaint place.

  6. So cute!! I love collars sticking out of sweaters. :) And yay! for Christmas trees! This weekend has really gone by too quickly!

  7. Haha aw, I'm pretty sure my mom got our christmas tree from home depot ;-) I wish we could have gone to a cute little christmas tree grove!

  8. Love this look my dear! Also that sign is so sweet : )

  9. I know, this weekend went by far too quickly. I had tons of homework due to some really obnoxious students in class on Friday, and so the whole class got extra homework. :/ Not my favorite way to spend my Sunday. But I had a really lovely weekend! Christmas spirit is *everywhere*!

    I love seeing Christmas tree photos...like real Christmas tress, haha! My family has used an artificial tree ever since I can remember, so whether you got your real one from a grocery store or not ;) I think it's delightful. :)

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  10. I'm totally in love with the skirt! The length is perfect and it's great how you incorporated the shirt with the sweater... I've tried that and failed epically. I just epic... oh, my gosh hahaha. Anyway, I am so excited for the end of school even though finals have me all stressed out. EEEEEP D:

  11. You look gorgeous, I love pleated skirts like that and this one suits you perfectly!
    Life is a romantic poem

  12. you look awesome! love you adorable skirt and that necklace is super pretty!

  13. Aw, yay! How fun that you got your Christmas tree - so exciting, we just put ours up this weekend. And goodness, I'm absolutely loving your outfit here the skirt & heels are so pretty!! As for your blog question?! Hubby and I live in Canada, BC. :)

  14. This is wonderful - I adore your outfit and those shoes are amazing!

  15. Beautiful skirt! Reminds me of the days I was a high school student :D Ans I love your necklaces :D:X


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