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dress & belt: goodwill, sweater: mom's, boots: vintage, flea market, purse: vintage, thrifted
Hi readers new and old! I feel bad; I haven't posted since Thursday. I feel like I've been posting a lot fewer outfit photos than I have in the past, and it's disappointing me. This is more than 75% a personal style blog (as of right now), and the fact that my outfit posts are so scarce... Well, it's upsetting me. I suppose I've been feeling disappointed with my blog, which is ironic, because I just got my first sponsor, and I have almost 530 amazing readers. I guess I've just been feeling inadequate at what I've been doing lately, and my blog falls under that category. So, I become disappointed with myself.

I always want things to be perfect, even if know that is unrealistic. I've been feeling what I know many fashion bloggers feel - questioning whether an outfit is blog worthy; basing outfits around posts... I suppose I'm just sick of doing that. I let my whole mood be affected by whether or not I get outfit photos and if they are good or not. It's a hurdle in my mind that I have to jump in order to get away from these negative feelings, but I know I need to. Because blogging only when things have worked out perfectly wasn't supposed to be the point, you know?

Well, I digress... These photos were taken by Nat today while we were at his house in Fairfax. On a different note, it's amazing how places of beauty are right at your fingertips but people are too oblivious to notice! Including myself. Where we took these photos is literally right across the street from where Nat lives. So beautiful! I think we will be coming back here. :) Have you found any amazing places near where you live lately? xxx
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  1. these photos are incredible. like really... i'm speechless! gorgeous!

  2. Hey - don't feel discouraged! I am just starting out (blogging & selling photography), and I feel discouraged every day about it, but I figure if I let that point of view remain, I'll never get to where I want to be!

    Keep going! Your blog is one I look to for inspiration. And your outfits are always interesting to me :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that last photo...I think I just died of cuteness!

  4. You looks so pretty, lovely outfit
    The scene looks so peaceful
    Sweet last picture :)

  5. that last photo is adorable.
    and i love your boots. perfect cozy chic outfit i'd love to wear when i own a dream cabin.

  6. Oh, I think you're doing a fine job at blogging! There's no need to post all the time always about outfits! I love hearing about other things, too, so please don't ever feel any pressure, lovely lady. :D I often am afraid to post my art when I probably shouldn't be. We should try to be more confident and loose with our blogs together. <3

    Your photos are just lovely! I do enjoy the soft lighting and the pretty boots which you're wearing. I haven't found any new amazing places-- just random spots in the school where I usually take my pictures. I feel I need to find some new places, though (that aren't so crowded with people.. hehehe, I'm so shy, it's ironic D: )

  7. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours!
    Don't feel bad! Your posts are great and I've come to learn that my/anybody else's posts don't have to be so frequent as long as I/they put their best into what they do post. And you do! So don't stress about it. (:


  8. Daw' Elanor I seriously gasped when I saw that last picture of you and Nat. SO SWEET THAT I CANNOT HANDLE IT. Seriously, you both make me swoon because you're so cute... Incredibly jealous! x

  9. You are doing such great work, seriously! Some of my favorite bloggers only do a post or two a week cause life just gets so crazy, but as long as your still enjoying it, you should keep it up. These pictures are incredible by the way!

  10. Oh you both are so cute!! :D
    Great dress, it suits you wonderfully! ;)

  11. i love your bag and the last photo is so sweet!! aww!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. Great combination, the dress with the sweater! It's really cool that it's your mom's, I 'shop' in my mom's closet too :)
    p.s. I love your blog! I just started mine, so I browse a lot through other blogs that I find inspiring and interesting and yours is one of those :)

    XO, Aline

  13. These pictures turned out so beautifully! I love the lighting. You both look so cute together too. I really like how your cardigan looks with the adorable dress. Your bag looks exactly like one I thrifted last summer too. I've gotten so much use out of that thing.

  14. I totally understand where you're coming from about how blogging can be a bummer. There have definitely been times when I've gotten bent out of shape concerning dumb blogger things like missing sunset lighting for a photo or forgetting my camera. Then I remember how trivial the things that I'm getting upset about really are and that usually snaps me out of that feeling, thankfully :)

  15. oh my goodness!! The haze, your beauty, the textures in your outfit...its all so surreal! You should be proud of your blog, it is amazing! I love the picture of you two kissing...its so nice to be in the man you love's arms, right?

    Chin up, beautiful!! We'll always be here!

  16. i totally get the lack of posting thing, it's hard to find the right balance with blogging. not letting it consume all your time/thoughts, but still making it something you're proud of.

    those boots seriously make my soul ache! i need them.
    they're perfect!

    and that last picture... so sweet.

  17. I understand how you feel - I'm a new blogger and sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it because I see all these other amazing bloggers doing so much more with their blogs, but then I remember that I just started and I'm still figuring things out. Your blog is great though!

    xo Jennifer



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