Flowers Grow Here

dress: forever 21, belt: goodwill, purse: vintage, goodwill, wedges: DSW
It's nearly twelve o'clock Monday night as I'm typing this... goodness gracious I need I get more sleep. Honestly, the past few weeks I've been going to bed past twelve and getting up at six in the morning. It's not healthy. Wow, okay, I just needed to get that off my chest. I'm bad at being a person. Anyone else really bad at going to sleep when it's necessary? I always end up staying awake doing homework and procrastinating doing homework. :D

I wore this on Saturday after my choir festival! We got superior ratings, which is the top score, except we only got an excellent on sight reading, because our group gets new freshmen every year who don't have much experience with sight reading... Oh well! I'm not too bent out of shape. I think we still did well. It was blazing hot on Saturday and I was so glad to change into this little dress. :) I've seen it so often on the blogosphere (thanks Forever 21!) so I thought it was the proper time to pull it out and take some shots of my own. Or, Nat's shots, I guess, cuz he took these photos! Thanks, love!

My mom and I found this purse at Goodwill a few months ago and I'm in love with it! Definitely going to be a summer staple. It holds a lot too, which is useful for a person like me! Oh, I want to mention one more thing in this post. I sort of decided what I'm doing with my hair! I decided that I still love having short hair and I'm not convinced I could go through the growing out process just yet, SO, I'm going to just grow out some bangs! Sort of like this probably. (She's so cute!) Anyway, have a lovely day!! xxx

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  1. It definitely is a great dress- not surprised that it gets worn on blogs so often. Yours is actually the only one I've seen it on thus far, though! I'm with you on the lack of sleep. College has made me more and more nocturnal. As much as I love sleep, I always have so much that I want to do during the day that it just seems like a waste of time sometimes! As for your hair, I love the short cut. I had my hair down to the middle of my back and while it isn't nearly as short as yours, it felt great to get eight inches chopped off!

    Triple Thread

  2. A lovely blogger I know just posted this dress and I must say it is super cute on both of you! I love those sandals too. Great summery look!

  3. Such a sweet little outfit! I love it!

    PS: No one can rock a pixie better than you... <3

  4. Such an adorable outfit - makes me want to go to the beach.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. Hmm, I haven't seen this dress anywhere else yet, but you sure do pull it off! It flatters you so well. I adore the neckline and the tiny little print~ <3 The way your necklaces are peeping through are cute, too!

  6. oh dear. i've definitely been plagued by similarly ill-advised sleeping patterns. but on a positive note, i just found your blog & you've got the cutest pixie cut i think i've ever seen! xo

  7. So excited to see how your new hair do looks after you do some growing it out! I just know you'll look adorable as always <3

  8. i always stay up too late too ;/ ilove your dress!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Hey, I know that dress! ;) You look absolutely adorable. It's always so inspiring to see how two different people style the same piece of clothing! I bet you'll look awesome with Carey bangs, too :)

    I'm definitely bad at going to sleep on time...I'm trying to get better about it, but that's not going so well. I really need to forget I ever discovered Reddit, haha!


  10. adorable dress. amazing rings.
    and that hairstyle will look great on you!

  11. Love the collar on your dress, and your pixie cut is adorable :)


  12. it's a shame you're growing out your hair, the cut is super cute on you. i'm in the process as well and it's not very fun and a little bit awkward!

  13. The collar on your dress is so lovely!! What a sweet outfit! Congratulations on your choir doing so well! Sight-reading scares me haha! And I think you'd look lovely in those bangs!

    x Aliya

  14. I am really loving those collars lately, and your rings are to die for aswell.

    You may remember me from 'Butterfly Cupcakes and Daffofils', I am back with a brand new blog! Please come and visit :) Wardrobe Quarry

  15. your blog is so pretty, love this dress. you look just lovely :) xx

  16. I just love how you put this whole outfit together Elanor...that bag is such a divine little find and has such a sweet pastel color scheme to it. Congrats on your superior ratings for you choir. I adjudicate at festivals like that every so often...not for choir...usually for songwriting and drama, and it's always such an exciting and difficult thing, especially when you see all the hard work the participants put into their selections.

    I'm the worst kind of night owl. With no self control, I will easily stay up till 3 AM and be such a grouch the next day..haha..so I know the feeling:) xx

  17. You are darling! I love the collar on that dress :)

    xo Jennifer


  18. I almost bought that dress when I saw it last year, but it reminded me of one I'd just bought so I didn't. Now I'm sad I didn't because it's so very cute. It looks awesome on you!

  19. I wore this exact dress in my outfit post today! How awesome. Isn't it wonderful!? I love the way you styled it, and that is a very cute bag.

  20. Congrats on your great choir score!! There always is that one person in the group...but still, its over and done :) You look adorable in this dress! That collar is a dream! I wish it was easy to thrift those type of dresses....

    Loving your bag, too! It is absolutely perfect for summer as your carry-all bag! And I think those bangs in that picture are perfect :) Why do you and I decide to go all banged out in the hotter months? Oh boy...


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