Overalls & Bare Legs

tank top: urban outfitters, overalls, wedges, purse: goodwill
Uh oh... well this is the first official post using the new Blogger interface. I'm kinda scared this is going to publish really weird, but let's hope for the best... Change isn't fun but I suppose eventually we will get used to it this way, eh? *optimistic??*

Speaking of new, I'm wearing my newly thrifted overall jumper! I bought this at Goodwill on my latest solo thrifting excursion as posted about HERE, but of course, I hemmed it up a little bit! I think it's a great spring/summer dress. And boy! The weather yesterday was pure summer! High 80s! I can't believe it, but apparently today it's supposed to be even warmer. I'm excited! :) And as you can see, my bruised legs are better, but one bruise is still smiling proudly up at you. Bleh!

Well, I actually have a choir festival to attend today so I best be off. Wish us good luck! Afterwards I'm hoping to spend the evening with my boy. What are your Saturday plans? Happy weekend! xx

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  1. Just stop it! You're not allowed to be this cute. Oh and you seriously find the most awesome things at the thrift store. :)

  2. i have to say you have a very unique style that suites you so well.you look lovely.

  3. Wish it was that warm here. Love the outfit. Such shoe envy I have now.

  4. Aw your overalls are so cute! I may need to find some for the summer!

  5. Eugh. I'm not to much of a fan of the new blogger interface either. I want the old one back so badly :( Anywho, I'm jealous of your warm weather! It returned to the bitter cold here in Ohio. x

  6. Gorgeous and wonderful hemming skills! I love the textures going on here :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend, that the choir festival was a lot fun, and you enjoy your time with Nate <3

    Oh, and speaking of the new Blogger, thumbs DOWN! It takes me twice as long to post now. But I'll try to be optimistic like you!

  7. I hope the choir festival went well! I miss those days...

    You look adorable and I'm jealous of your consistent thrifting luck :)


  8. Oh, this is precious! I adore the patterns on those overalls. Too cute. Your bag is tons of fun, too, and goshdangit it makes me wonder if there is a goodwill near me somewhere! We have a bunch of antique shops down here but not very many good thrifting places.

  9. I have a major crush on your handbag right now!! I have been using the new blogger for awhile you will get use to it :-)

  10. Overalls are totally coming back! I just got a pair too haha

    xo Jennifer



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