Chambray & Flowers

button up: j. crew, dress: a gift, sandals: target, purse: thrifted, scarf: vintage
Hi my sweets. :) Happy Saturday! Not sure yet what my plans for today hold, but I know this weekend will not be for loss because I believe on Sunday my mom and I will be driving over to Alameda for the monthly flea market. We haven't been for a few months but I've missed our mother-daughter excursions! She is working more now than she has in the past so I'm not entirely used to her not being home during the summer like she used to be. I'm alone a lot of the time these days! Luckily I've also been keeping myself busy with friends, which is always good. I have a lot of goals for this summer that I have stuffed up in my brain waiting to be jotted down on paper. If I ever do I'll give you guys the low down. ;)

I wore this outfit on Thursday to celebrate Tau day with some of my friends! It's so nerdy I'm afraid to explain it...and also I'm probably not qualified to explain it. Baha. So, watch this video is you really have any interest. But basically, Tau is 2*pi (math...crazy stuff, amirite?) ... SO, on Thursday, we baked two apple pies! And homemade ice cream! It was a delicious day! I was thoroughly filled.  I have photos that I may share because then you can drool over how delicious everything looks and that would be funny...! I hope your weekend is fantastic. xx

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  1. You are too cute. I know I say this all the time but I can't get over it!! Looking at all your pictures makes me reeally want to replace my lens so I can take pictures on my own this well!

  2. I love the whole package :) you look so gorgeous!

    xx Shey


  3. you have a truly beautiful blog. Lovely outfit!

  4. this is a lovely outfit!! xo

  5. Love your outfit :)

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  6. That is the perfect denim shirt!

    xo Jennifer


  7. Gahh!! You are so darn adorable. Your blog always makes me smile, lady ;)
    And I've always wanted to go to the Alameda Flea Market! Have fun on your Mom-daughter date!

  8. Awe, have fun on your mother-daughter excursions! My mom and I do the same thing sometimes during the week. I guess I'm kind of lucky that she doesn't work. Hope ya'll find some neat things! :D <3

    This dress is so eeeep cute! I love the print. Tiny tiny flowers against black is so pretty.

  9. Hope you had a great day at the Flea Market - I'd love to visit one but they don't seem to have many in the UK. I love the mix of the dress and the shirt. Hope you have a lovely week! :)

  10. What a cute outfit! I love your shirt. I want to get one like that for summer. Denim shirts just seem so summery. ;)

    I hope the rest of your summer is great!

  11. Haha you are absolutely adorable Elanor! I think you look totally sweet and an apple pie with homemade icecream on top sounds SUPER yummy right now! Also, that portrait of you? Flawless!!

  12. Great outfit! I love going to Flea Markets. Would you like to follow each other?

  13. I truly like this outfit of yours, you look amazing! :)

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