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skirt, button up, flats: thrifted, shirt: costco, purse: forever 21
Hi friends! I'm back from Seattle after a whirlwind weekend! It honestly went by so fast and now I'm home again, home again. I learned many things while gone... some of which have to do SPU; many of which just have to do with Seattle in general - I've gathered that my style may need to shift a bit to accommodate the weather. Haha, I'm sure many of you figured that already. Well, at least my shoe choices, as far as I'm concerned. Please, if any of you have advice on shoe choices for Seattle weather... LET ME KNOW! 

Our first day upon arrival was Thursday and we did a few touristy things to start the trip off. Most importantly being going up to the Space Needle, of course! It was quite a sight and there were clear skies, so we could see the whole city. Thursday we also went to a brand new Chihuly museum which was beautiful. Wrapping up the day, we went to this BOMB Mexican restaurant near our hotel that my mom and I went to last time we were in Seattle. It was very delicious. Mah belleh was well pleased. 

Anywhooo, I have more photos but enjoy these today! There's quite a few. ;) Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon! xx

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would kill to have a glass blown garden like that! It's breathtaking.

    & could you be any cuter ?! I think NOT! :)

  2. Hehe glad you liked Seattle! My advice for shoes for Seattle weather is to wear something that won't let rain in! We never know when it'll rain here.

    Come visit again sometime soon!

  3. Oh I love Chihuly! His work was on display years ago at the NY Botanical Gardens and I got the chance to see it. That guy is crazy talented.

  4. It seems like you'll fit right in (except maybe you're shoes...;) Try lots of ankle booties!)

    xo Jennifer


  5. These pictures are so lovely and crisp! You really are a wonderful photographer, my dear. :D

    It looks like Seattle was awesome! Those artsy glass structures are really neat, and I'm glad that the food was indeed delicious as you said. It's always nice when you can find awesome places to eat when traveling!

  6. Pesos is so good! Toulouse, right next door, is pretty good, too! The next time you're here, you have to venture over to Ballard and eat at La Carta de Oaxaca; The Best mexican food in Seattle and way more affordable than Pesos.

    I hope you like SPU better than I did. I went for a quarter and then quit. My mom went there, so I had really high hopes, but I just couldn't do it, for a variety of reasons. The professors I had were amazing, tho (I was in the psych department).

    As for shoes, people just don't care, haha. Especially if you grew up here, you're used to having cold feet, lol. Any type of boot is perfect for the winter months. You can be stylish and warm at the same time!

  7. As far as Seattle fashion, I'm a native Portlander so I think I could help. I say invest in a good pair of leather boots - it's wet there but not so wet or snowy that it would ruin leather. Those can be worn almost year-round. Suede is out for the rainy season (October through June lol) and I'd say a pair of rain boots for campus would be a good idea, too (though I feel like very few Pacific Northwesterners actually wear rain boots on a daily basis...but I found them useful for my college years in Philly!). Layers, layers, layers! A hooded coat, sweaters (wool!) and things that stave off that bone-chilling damp cold. You'll love it, though, I miss it!

  8. Get shoes that you don't mind getting wet! It rains often, but usually not a lot at a time, so most of the time you can simply dress for light rain. And I don't know if you have one, but invest in a rain jacket. They are usually light and a lot easier to carry than umbrellas.

    I hope that helps! Despite the weather, Seattle is amazing!


  9. Yay! Looks like you've had a nice trip to Seattle! It seems like such a cool city to live in and I would kill for the cooler weather they have there. You're going to have an awesome time at college there, I'm sure. As for rain shoes I have no idea. I usually just wear converse or something if it rains haha. Not very helpful.


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