June 8th, 2012

romper & blouse: thrifted, boots: marshall's, necklace: c/o oasap
Well today marked my last regular day of high school. Next week is finals week and Friday is my graduation... I have to say, how I'm feeling right now is a complete 180 degrees from how I was feeling a month or two ago. Then, I was stalling for the year to end. I wasn't sure I could be comfortable with what it meant for the school year to end, and for my future to begin. While I'm still scared by the fact that I'm graduating and moving on in life - now, today, I feel much more ready to be done with the crap related to high school. 
Everything is changing and somehow, I've got to keep up. x

currently listening to //SOJA - Don't Forget


  1. Good luck with all your exams! I'm sure you'll do just fine ...

    Kel x

  2. Stay strong, E! This is going to sound probably so stupid but when I feel like everything is getting too overwhelming, I chant to myself, "be brave be brave be brave be brave!" Surprisingly, it helps me. It doesn't ease the pain or stress, but it makes me feel stronger. I'm working on an email today <3

  3. Good luck finishing up school! It'll feel great when you're done!
    Also that romper is super cute on you. I'm loving the color of it. The mix of prints in this outfit works great too.

  4. i love this look, the mix of pretty and grunge and the different prints works really well

  5. Good luck on graduation deary! You'll do just fine. It seems like things get all out of whack towards the end like that because everyone is panicked and stressed but life is a lot easier than school makes it out to be (when it comes to certain things.) Don't stress the little things, take lots of time to pray, and know that you are a strong girl with a great head on those shoulders.

    Now that I've lectured you on life haha, You look absolutely gorgeous, as always, and I love your print mixing!


  6. I love how your style is very feminine vintage/meets rocker chick. I love it! <3

    Also, that necklace is just fantastic. I'm in love. ;)

  7. You'll do so great after high school. Glad you're looking forward to it!

    xo Jennifer


  8. College probably will be an uncomfortable transition, but just because it's different. I'm sure you'll blend into the atmosphere well. :) Congrats on getting that last day of normal high school over, though! I'm loving that spiky layered necklace of yours.

  9. You have such a lovely face! Congratulations on being (almost) done with high school...so many better things await you :)



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