Helium Reprise

top: costco, skirt: thrifted, boots: marshall's, purse: forever 21, headband: hot topic, belt: vintage
Helloo dolls! I'm so glad a bunch of you jumped on board entering my GIVEAWAY! I think the items are really fun and I almost want to keep that necklace for myself. But as they say, when you pick out a gift for someone that you yourself love, then the person is going to love it too! So go and enter if you haven't already! :)

In some real-life news, I've gotten a hold of my roommate for next year! Her name is Kristie and so far she seems really nice. We've started emailing back and forth so hopefully by the time we meet in September, we'll know a good amount about one another. I'm going into the whole dorm room/sharing space/etc thing with a positive attitude! I'm not too inflexible; I'll be able to handle it! I think it will be exciting and different. What did you think of your dorming experience, if you had one? I know some people hate it, but everyone is different!

 & here's a little update for you all... lately, when I'm not hanging out with people, I've been: exercising (trying to keep this one up), painting branches, watching tv shows, reading The Fellowship of the Ring, and trying to keep up with the SPU financial aid/loan requirements that I have not completed... A little frustrated with that last one...!! xx

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  1. Awe, well I hope your dormmate turns out to be as lovely as she is in e-mail. I'm sure she will be. You both'll be so flexible toward each other (that sounds weird but uh you know what I mean lol) and as long as you both give and take things evenly, it'll all work out! :)

    What a cute skirt that is~ and and ohhh your headband is so feathery and lovely. Such cute accessories you have.

  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    ooo elanor what a pretty bow in your hair. good for you for exercising, i've been so slack this year! ooo how exciting meeting your future roomate. i lucked out and got a single room, but i always thought it was nice when i saw the people who had roomates, they were built in friends for the first few weeks! :) enjoy

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. your life sounds so productive! yay about your roomie!!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. What a lovely outfit! Have you read The Fellowship of the Ring before? I've read it twice and I loooove it!! <3

    Hope you have a good rest of the summer!

  5. Love tho outfit & the photography! You are gorgeous!
    I definitely had some good roommates and some bad ones, but you really just learn to make it work! If you guys are already emailing and stuff your off to a great start! :)
    xo Hannah

  6. Oh that blouse is simply gorgeous!!And I also love your hair accessory:D

  7. It's good that you'll have some kind of relationship with your roommate before you meet her!

    xo Jennifer


  8. My roommate experience was almost painless - my original roommate never showed up so I was completely alone the first three months of school. It was terrible, sad, and lonely and I hated it. Once winter quarter rolled around though, I moved in with the girl next door to me who also didn't have a roommate and we clicked immediately, even became roommates for the next year too. I'm glad you actually have a roommate that first semester, it really does help you make more friends and become comfortable with your school.

  9. You look lovely! I had a really good roommate experience - we weren't besties or anything, but we got along well and were able to keep our room pretty nice with no drama. I hope it works out as well for you!


  10. First off, you look gorgeous. That hairband really makes the whole outfit look so special.

    As for the roomates thing. My sister's first dorm mate turned into a really good friend. My dorm-mate was fine. We also had a lot of classes together, so there was a lot of commonality which was good. In the room we mostly ignored each other because...well, we'd been together all day and both needed our "alone" time. But it was fine; we both kept about the same hours and levels of cleanliness. The only odd things was getting used to her falling asleep with the television. I'd wake at two to Sex and the City still playing. lol.

  11. Ooo I love that headband you're wearing. It's so pretty! Your skirt is really cute too!
    Good luck with the roommate next year! I didn't have a bad experience myself, but my sister did and so did about 75% of people I've talked to haha. I can never understand how some people are so inconsiderate in that small of a space. It's like they were never taught manners. I really hope your roommate turns out to have common decency! If not, then it's just a year and you'll survive and have lots of stories to tell.

  12. You have the best pixie cut. Ever. And you've got that gorgeous feminine face that is so perfect for short hair. Jerk. Anyway, I'm pretty crazy about that headband. It's a little girly, a little goth, and very glamorous. I'm glad your roommate seems pleasant! I am a senior in high school right now, and I'm quite nervous about having a roommate next year. I suppose it won't be so bad, unless they turn out to be a serial killer or something.

    May the force be with you.


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