The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and some girl posted a status about how she thought it was stupid that people posted photos of their food, or what they are doing, because she honestly, "couldn't care less about what you had for breakfast," and etc. I laughed when I read this because I (along with how many other people?) use Instagram to capture just that. What people apparently "really don't care about". Sure, I can see the silly qualities in social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But they are just as silly as Facebook.

And in all honesty, I personally don't put myself in the position of following people I "really don't care about" on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If I follow you it's because I DO care about you and what you have got to say or show. It all comes back to this - if you don't like something, don't look at it. Easy as pie. Right?

Anyway, if YOU care about my random photos of breakfast or what I'm doing, then check out my Instagram - @missinglovee. If you don't care... then don't!! xx


  1. Personally, I like little peeks into people's lives like this! :) I don't have instagram myself, but I see this as something similar to those "hour a day" posts that people make, or weekly roundups. They're fun!

    Also, I totally approve of the Aristocrats shot. :) And that second picture of you is so so pretty~ you have a lovely profile! <3

  2. Following only people you care about would really solve the problem, right?

    Also- You watched Aristo-Cats!

  3. I love the second pic. You are so classically lovely!


  4. I care, miss Elanor! I think it is a fun look into people's daily lives and routines and adventures, and then there's inspiration, and sometimes temptation with all the delicious treats and food people post! I am happy to follow you on Instagram! :) I love your cat, he/she is so beautiful! Aristocats is such a fun film, its funny to watch it when you're "older." And your hair looks amazing <3 Keep it up girl and keep having fun!

  5. i agree with you wholeheartedly! sometimes even when i know the person in real life, i don't follow them. because i don't care. haha.

  6. Exactly. Thank you for putting it into words. A friend of mine said something similar like that, about how she only post 'quality photos' (which honestly just photos of her with some friends) to Instagram instead of you know, meals and other daily things. It's just silly.

  7. I agree! Not only should people not follow if they don't care, but - not to sound rude - I don't instagram for others. I LOVE when people like my feed enough to follow it, but I instagram so I can remember the stupid, little things that made my life beautiful when I'm 80 years old! If you don't want to see that stuff, then ok! I'm not offended - just stop following me and don't complain. ;D

    I, however, LOVE your photos! I love seeing what you're up to. ;D

    Would you, by any chance, be interested in Skyping together sometime? O.o

    I hope you're having a lovely day!

    (P.S. That cat looks just like mine! Weird!)

  8. Haha I love Instagram too! @littlemiss_aly


  9. This is such a cute look! Beautiful photos :) Love your blog, following you now!




  10. Hahha I'm pretty sure I saw that status too... I totally agree! About only following people you care about. The only time it bothers me when people post pictures of food is if it looks as delicious as something you'd have as a last meal - I get so jealous! ;)

  11. I've heard people joke about that before...but honestly, food is just so darn pretty sometimes, it's fun to share :) Also, you have the loveliest profile, lady!



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