NYC: A Rinky Tinky Tinky!

These photos are from Sunday and Monday of last weekend when I was traversing through New York with Nicole. It seemed that we started taking less and less photos as the weekend went on, probably because it was so hot and took so much effort to use our cameras. ;) However, I got enough between those two days to make some semblance of a post! Though unfortunately there are no photos from my outfit on Sunday.  You'll see a replication of it soon enough, I'm sure. 

Sunday was an odd day indeed. We were in the city during the morning and sort of shopped and bought MACARONS. Unfortunately mine tasted like perfume and I didn't really like it. So, obviously, I can't be a fashion blogger anymore. I'm a shame to all bloggers, in fact. Buuutt anyway! That afternoon we went to Nicole's work because she had an event for which she had to be present. I sang One Direction at her but also helped put up chairs, so I wasn't completely a nuisance. I wanted to meet her co worker but he didn't turn up because he's a BAD PERSON. Ask Nicole, she'll tell you. Anywho! That was fun and different and I felt very official because people kept asking me questions but I had no idea because I didn't actually work there! 

After the reading, Nicole was going to take me out for dinner at this cute place near where she works, but then HER CAR HAD ORGAN FAILURE AND IT'S LIFE FORCE CROAKED. So we almost died (not really) and her parents had to come save us (because AAA couldn't). Overall it was a stressful event for Nicole, I'm sure, but we made up for it that evening with DELICIOUS New York pizza, the Aristocats, Los Burros, and of course Party Rockin'. I miss Nicole, you guys.

Sunday was wake-up-late/ices/beach and then airport day. :( And now this wraps up the NY trip. Uuummph I'm sad reminiscing over all this! I think as soon as possible, I'm going to demand that Nicole flies out to San Francisco and we can party rock over here. Yes, I think that's a good plan. xx

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  1. Sounds like a great day (minus the car trouble lol).
    xo Jennifer


  2. Seriously though, macarons are the most overhyped desert food. Which is why I'm NOT a blogger anymore. I didn't quit, I was kicked out for having those thoughts.

  3. I thought love of cupcakes was required to be blogger, not macaroons......

    You two seem two peas in a pod!

  4. I knew your title was from Aristocats! I used to love that movie

  5. pretty photos and your smile is lovely :)

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  6. I've never even had a macaroon before, so you're a much better fashion blogger than me just because you tried one at least. And perfume? I wonder why it would taste like perfume. I always imagined them to taste like hard marshmallows or stale cotton candy. YEP.

    djsdkf awww well, it was a fun trip for you it looks like!! So much adventuring and all. :) <33

  7. awwww you guys look totally gorgeous and it rally sounds like you miss her bunches :(. i love that you don't like macaroons! i haven't tried them yet but they look like moon pies to me.. and i absolutely gag when i see moon pies. i'm a disgrace to human kind (and to all born in the 90s) but i hate them. blehk.


  8. two adorable ladies!!! the macarons look amazing!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. Such fantastic photos and adventures you guys had! :) I'm so happy that you had an awesome time. Blog friends are great.

  10. Looks like you dolls had a wonderful time. The photographs are lovely.

    x The Pretty Secrets


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