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dress & heels: thrifted, bag: marshall's
I had a startling realization last night as I was driving home from my friend Miranda's house. Friends who have graduated are packing up and some are leaving in the next week; friends who are still in high school are starting back up again equally as soon. I leave in probably about a month's time for Seattle. I feel suddenly extremely overwhelmed. This summer I feel like I've concentrated on enjoying the time that's left here in CA with my friends than focusing on the change that's basically about to happen. I don't think until I'm actually in Seattle and dealing with it all will I actually be like, "dang, this is happening." 

I haven't started packing yet; I haven't really bought any dorm room stuff; I think there is still financial aid paperwork etc that needs to get done... Before I leave for Seattle, I want to get my first tattoo so that needs to be figured out for real... And also my birthday is September 7th, so I have to figure that out as well. I think a big problem with me getting this sort of stuff done is that I don't have someone kicking my butt about it at all times. Sure, when my parents get home from work they tell me that I still need to do stuff, but I don't usually get on it. When left to my own accords, it seems I'm definitely a horrible procrastinator. Whoo, big shocker there!

I have those prodding thoughts inside me that insist I change these actions before it's too late and I get bit in the butt - but I never change. It makes me so frustrated that I don't have enough of the necessary drive to fix what I don't like about myself. Any advice out there? On a side note, my lovely lady Miranda and I watched 21 Jump Street last night for the second time and of course, died from the hilarity of it all. Goosshhhh I can't even. I just can't. xxoo

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  1. good luck with everything! it's a bittersweet time to be sure:) your longer pixie is looking SUPER cute on you!

  2. Great outift the red looks so good with your skin tone! I love 21 Jump Street it's the best movie ever, and that's really cool I want to get a tattoo too but I'm afraid of the needles =X

  3. Love that dress. And I am completely a mess and unmotivated currently so I have no clever advice other than I prefer to read a book than concentrating on reality.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

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  4. What a wonderful dress! And my advice is don't worry. Last minute organisation always works out in the end.

  5. Ugh, basic tasks of humanity/adulthood (like turning in forms, filling out paperwork, buying things that I actually "need" instead of want) are one of the hardest things for me to do! Whenever I have a huge task like a project or a job that I have to get finished, I always reward myself when I'm done. Even if it is having a movie marathon and not a full scale blow out shopping spree like I would really desire, It helps tremendously and you are still in control of your productivity instead of having to be reminded. Also, I'm a sucker for organizational tools so I try to use fun planners/binders to make myself motivated!

    Hope that helps!

  6. It'll probably hit you in a minute soon, kind of like it already has, and then you'll maybe get fired up to get things done. But really, you probably do need to get your dorm room stuff soon and get everything planned out. Just print out a calendar tonight and sit down and plan out the things you need to do, maybe one thing per week so it doesn't seem like too much? :) You don't want to have to be having to worry about all of that in addition moving into a new place at the same time! It might stress you out lots, and I don't want that! :( <3

    These pictures are lovely. I can see that your new lens is working quite the magic on these outfit posts of yours. :D That dress has a suuuper pretty print and that necklace is so neat (is it a pinecone?! pinecones ROCK).

    PS) ermegerd was that meeee who won your giveaway? :D :D ahhh! I am le excited, thank you, my dear! :) It made my morning to see that post on my dashboard, haha.

  7. Hattitude Style Blog

    i love all the accessories in this outfit elanor! too great!
    i find working for myself is sometimes hard to avoid procrastination! it's hard! so i try to reward myself with something once i get the job or task done on time! it gives me a little motivation to stay working and hard at it!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  8. I am AMAZED that you posted this at 9 a.m....... see - you don't seem to have a problem with motivation in terms of your blog!! Everything will be fine, my dearest... <3 <3

  9. ha. i loved 21 jump street! probably too much.
    i also looove this dress!

    i've been dreaming up my next tattoo as well! so exciting.

  10. Hope you figure things out soon! This transition is tough but it'll be so amazing once you get settled in.

    xo Jennifer


  11. Change can be hard, but so exciting!
    This dress looks amazing on you.

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  12. Lovely, as usual!
    That red is just is just perfect on you.

    And change can definitely be scary...but being in a city as beautiful as Seattle makes it a BIT easier ;)

  13. Ooh! Love this outfit! That dress is gorgeous. <3

    Gosh! I can't even imagine moving out in a months time! I"m so glad I decided to stick around home for the time being. But I know you'll do great. ;D

  14. oh this dress really looks perfect on you. I've always loved how mid length dresses makes you feel like a lady :)

  15. That dress is so lovely on you, lady! You should wear red more often :)

    Enjoy this season of change. I know it sounds cliche, but it'll be over so fast! As for how to fix the things you don't like: write them down. If there's one major goal you have, put it in writing somewhere visible, and every day, ask yourself: what small thing can I do today to work towards that goal?

    ...I really need to take my own advice, haha!


  16. First off, you look lovely and I especially enjoyed seeing that last flower picture next to your red dress.

    As for procrastinating... it is part of who you are and you can make it work for you. I've always enjoyed using hte Meyers-Brigg to help me figure out more about myself and how I work. Its not really a personality test, but a way to figure out how you best work and learn information. Some people are "judgers" who like things to be methodical, planned and done ahead of time. Others are more "perceivers" who can procrastinate, but they are also more spontaneous and tend to produce their best work under a deadline.

  17. Don't worry, you'll get all the necessary stuff done. It just might be in the last few days! I'm a horrible procrastinator too so I feel your pain. Making lists and doing a couple things a day helps me a lot, but I still procrastinate big things very badly! You'll be fine though!

    Also that dress is super cute! I love that color on you.

  18. i still haven't seen 21 jump street. maybe just make a list to get one thing done each day. like (pack up closet) etc etc. you'll figure it out. and the best of luck!


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