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dress: target, chambray: j. crew, boots: dsw, tote: from nicole!
It's days like today that I really get those anxious feelings about school, and in contrast, the feeling that I just need to get out of California and start again. The countdown is approximately nine days until I leave for Seattle, including today.  I still need to pack, still need to learn how to do laundry (HA I know you are laughing at me right now), still need to try to find a work study job, still need to buy sheets (yeah, I know, isn't that one of the first things I should have done??), and still need to probably do some other things that I can't remember now.

It's strange. I feel like I've become closer friends with people over this summer than any other summer... and it's unfortunate because I'm now leaving them (or they live across the United States, so it doesn't matter where I go; either way they are far). I'm going to be meeting new people and making new friends, so I'm certainly excited for that as a prospect of college, but right now just the thought of that scares me to pieces. I am used to what I know and the people I'm close to or that I've grown closer to this summer... and in a few days I'll kind of be alone. At least temporarily.

Anyway, you'll probably be reading more musings like this up until the day I leave. But also, look! Here's an outfit! I wore this on Monday for a little potluck picnic with some friends as well as a late birthday dinner at Chevy's with my family. I recently splurged and bought these boots as DSW and I'm so entirely smitten with them. They look beautiful with or without tights and I'm so excited to be wearing them in Seattle! :) Talk to you soon! xx

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  1. A gorgeous outfit.

    Its normal (sucky to feel, but normal and okay to feel) all that about going off to college. Begins are often endings of something too, and its okay for that to be scary and nervous-making.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I really adore your entire outfit...you have such fantastic style. I remember leaving for school. I was so anxious! I can't imagine leaving to a different state though! You will do fabulously. It may be tough at first, but college is such an amazing experience. Definitely wishing I could go back to that time in my life! xx


  3. I adore your denim top :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. I absolutely love the colors in that dress. Lovely photos :) It's completely natural to feel nervous - this is one of the biggest changes of your life so far! - but the thing about life is, you always have the chance to start over again. If you don't like your college situation, you can always change something or move. It may be an expensive lesson, but in the long run, it really won't be a big deal! But you know what? I have a feeling you're going to do great. You seem to have a much better sense of yourself than I did when I started college. :)


  5. These pictures are so pretty and I love the dress you're wearing. Those new boots are fantastic too! I can't believe you haven't started school yet! I'm already in my 5th week of class haha

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous E!! I know it seems intimidating yet exciting to start a school in a new location like that, but trust me, you will do just fine and you will make new friends FAST and you'll keep your old ones too! It's kind of like when you start blogging. It's something you've never done/experienced before, but you still have the courage to show up and say "here i am, take it or leave it!" (with some amazing style included) haha ;)

  7. Awww lovely, you'll do wonderful in college, don't stress too much!! and haha, it's okay that you don't know how to do laundry, but it's not bad and you will learn. Pssst... nobody else knew how to do it before college, either. ;) You're safe! <3

    This is such a neat location for pictures--the lighting is just so stunning! And I'm loving those new boots of yours. They look perfect for walking around and such~ :D

  8. You are gorgeous as always. This dress...oh god it's sooo great!!!
    Can I ask that where is tat place? This lokk like a field or something like that. I mean where the photoes are taken. It looks so beautiful....
    Best wishes for you to the collage!!!

  9. you are stunning, love your outfit and these photos!
    I'd love if you could check out my blog :)

  10. so pretty. i think starting college is hard - it's exciting, weird, and crazy. laundry is easy - just don't leave the laundry room while it's washing and forget about it - people did that ALL the time. i sat with my laundry - i love my clothing! and you'll do fine! i love your outfit here - the lighting is perfection - i always have trouble hitting golden hour. i love your adorable tote - it's so cute that you two exchanged totes! and the boots are going to be great for the fall/winter on campus - i needed boots to get me through the winter in college

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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