The past couple weeks...

I'm on week two of my tattoo healing process and things seem to be looking good. Instagram, if nothing else, is a great record keeper. It reminded me that just a couple weeks ago, I had that annoying mop of a haircut, no tattoo, and I was 18. Well... I'm still 18. Until tomorrow! :) Hopefully my birthday plans fall in to place and it turns out to be a nice, fun, and relaxing day with my closest friends.

I've got a list of things that still need to get done before I leave, and of course packing. Packing is going to be quite the task, seeing as I keep buying more things HA. Um, yeah I bought two new dresses, a pair of boots, and a pair of corduroys yesterday. Let's just say I'm preparing for Seattle...?? Maybe in duel preparation for Seattle I should get rid of some stuff too.. Maybe, just maybe... I've already purged a bit over the past few months, but there are still some things I can't seem to part with even though I haven't worn them for a while. Since I'm unsure about where my style will go, I feel the need to keep my clothing options open and not get rid of too much yet. But in the end, it's all material goods anyway, right? All replaceable to some degree.

Oh, and of course, if you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is @missinglovee. Thanks, lovelies! xx


  1. Oooo packing...that's always the tough part!

  2. Know exactly what you mean about hoarding unworn clothes, I just can't let some go!!
    Theses photos are gorgeous, you use instagram beautifully!
    JS xx


  3. Already following you :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. Gosh, you're just growing up all over the place! ;) It's funny how it happens all of a sudden, huh? Kinda freaky but... you get used to it. You're doin' good, girl! :D

    Shopping is totally preparing. I had to do lots of clothes shopping to prepare for college. Still gotta do some more. ;) Yeah, thaaaat's it.

  5. Good luck with packing (that's never easy!), and have an awesome birthday! :)


  6. Well, I'm sure Mom and Dad aren't going to throw everything out the minute you leave ;)

    I think several items were asked for via a care package in the weeks after I went off to college and/or left behind or taken with me after Christmas.

    Hope your tattoo continues to heal well. Love all the pictures, especially the flowers. Early Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, pretty lady!!
    19 is a great age ;) I hope you have the most perfect day.

  8. Happy Birthday, pretty lady!
    19 is a great age ;) I hope you have the most perfect day.

  9. What, tattoo?! It seems I need to rewind a couple posts! The glimpse of it here looks quite lovely though! Good luck on the transition to Seattle, I'm sure you'll find lots of new adventures there. :)



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