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Better late than never - here are photos from my half of my shared dorm room! I'm in a double with Kristie (last photo) as you all know. I didn't have a post prepared for today, so I spent the afternoon trying to catch the best lighting so I could take these. I think they turned out perfect, plus I'm just very happy with how my living space looks. It feels very "me", perhaps (dare I say?) more than my room back home. It could be because I have less space to worry about? I'm not sure! Either way, I'm pleased.

We've reached the closing few weeks of my first quarter of college and if I'm right, we have eighteen days left! Today I bought my plane tickets back home. :) This week I finish up with classes Wednesday morning and have a nice long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with my friends who also aren't going home, and probably to study for finals! Eeeps. I hope you all are having a great weekend! xxoo
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  1. your room is like an adorable vintage shop. heck in all 4 years at college my dorm was never this sweet! super amazed

    pandaphilia fashion

  2. You can tell you spent some time placing everything just so. Your hard work paid off, your haven is lovely~


  3. What a gorgeous room! I'm working on getting my room made up right now - it's so much fun, isn't it?? (P.S. I love the pain chips on the wall!)

  4. great space! I know what you mean about making a smaller space your own easier than a big room. Your room looks lovely :D

  5. Nah I completely get what you say about how your space in college sometimes feels more "you" than you space at home - I agree that it's something about being concentrated and very IN one place, along with washing out a lot of the old "you" before college. I lovedddd my dorm room freshman year and hope that I'll get the chance to post it at some point. Love these so much - especially the cute calendar and wall decals! :]

  6. I'm so jealous of your corner desks! It's been on my wishlist for so very long.. but it wouldn't ever be as nice as yours, with those windows overlooking them! I wish I had a space this quaint and adorable; I agree with Katie, your taste is indeed impeccable! :3

  7. Super cute room. I love the jar of buttons.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  8. I'm loving the character your door room has lovely - thanks for sharing these shots!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  9. So cozy. And hey, I spot your names in that cute cat font.

  10. I adore your blog! This post made me nostalgic for my university days. Your room is adorable, and it looks very cozy! I think a future blog post on decorating small spaces would be a neat idea :)

    xo from Toronto, and keep up the lovely work!

  11. aahw, what a beautiful room with cute details :)

  12. Your dorm is so cute! ALSO we have the same quilt!! :)

  13. You have a wonderful room in a hostel! the very cozy is beautifully arranged also. As houses! These buttons in bank very were pleasant!
    Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥ With love ♥ ♥ ♥


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