Today my little Instagram post is going to incorporate a"currently..." q&a inspired by the blog Srsly Liz because I feel like it's a good mid/end of the week update on my life and that jazz. :)

Watching: I've finally caught up on all the episodes from the new seasons of New Girl and Parks & Recreation - quite in love with these two shows! Lately I've been thinking more and more about Mad Men returning though and I almost want to re-watch it from the beginning...

Listening to: I'm still not quite over Coexist by The xx, so that is basically on repeat during late night study sessions. My friend Henry told me about this other band that I've been enjoying lately; the Local Natives. Apparently they are coming to Seattle in the spring! Exciting exciting.

Thinking about: This upcoming weekend! My mom is visiting from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning. I can't wait to see her and to catch up on life! I've missed my family quite a bit, as it turns out!

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving break! We have a couple days off (which basically just extends the weekend of the 24th), and I'm not going home... but it will be a nice few extra days to catch up on school work, and maybe relax and sip coffee. Mmm.

Reading: For my faith and fantasy literature course, we are reading Harry Potter 7, so that's a reread for me. I'm also reading some Edgar Allan Poe short stories for kicks. Otherwise, nothing really! :(

Making me happy: Sunday evening services at this small and homey church in Fremont. Me and my closer group of friends have been going and I really like the feeling of it. The message this past Sunday was fantastic and I've been trying to hold on to it as this week has gone by. I think I just love how God is working in my life here in Seattle.
Happy day-before-Friday! xxoo


  1. My life has been such a whirlwind lately (by my standards, anyways), that I haven't had a lick of time to sit down and catch up on shows. I actually adore the two shows you mentioned as well as How I Met Your Mother! It seems like you are doing well!

    Triple Thread

  2. Ahh New girl is seriously my favorite. And I started watching Mad Men, but haven't ever gotten the time to finish ... I like it thus far :)
    And that latte looks yummy.


  3. Love hearing about this church. Sounds like a great place! Also- Harry Potter for class? That sounds like fun.

  4. Can't wait to see you Friday!! Love that blue sweater - you look divine in that shade of blue - so glad you found the Sunday night church service! xoxoxoxo

  5. Cute photos :) I am totally in love with those shows too - can't get enough of Zooey D!

    Have a great weekend with your mom :)

    xo Jennifer


  6. Beautiful photos!! It's cool that you found a good church near your school. I'm going to college in january and thats one of my concerns. :)


  7. Local Natives are awesome! Hope you go to that show!

    xo Ashley

  8. Beautiful photos <3 I've hear of the New Girl show but haven't seen it yet! Guess I should start watching it, ahahh.


    Jean xx

  9. I love posts like this. I always enjoy them on other people's blogs, so I've been considering borrowing the idea for a while now. Maybe I should start soon!


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