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dress: thrifted, sweater & socks: h&m, leather jacket: from mom, vintage, boots & bag: marshall's
As you guys know, my mom came up to Seattle for a visit this past weekend! It was so great to see her and to just talk and be in eachother's presence.We did a lot of general catching up as well as some shopping for random things needed for dorm life. I also took her to some of my favorite places around Fremont, which was cool because I felt a little bit like an expert - guiding her around with all my expanse of knowledge. ;) We went to a couple vintage stores, Milstead, the Fremont Troll (a definite touristy place, but cool nonetheless!) and wrapping up the evening we went to see Wreck-it Ralph which was a fantastic movie, one that I definitely recommend.

Lately I've sort of been going back and forth about wanting to be back home vs. wanting to continue being independent and exploring this new city. Of course I'm going to be doing both whether I want to or not, I think I'm just examining how I feel about each one. Seeing my mom made me miss my family and talking with them every day, but also it made me glad to be here on my own. I'm not really sure. I guess this is all part of the away-from-home process, but what is home exactly anyway? I already know that I love Seattle more than Novato or Northern California. But "home" isn't limited to the location of where you are - it depends on the people and the emotions associated with it.

"Growing up" is weird. What does it even mean or how do you deal with it? These are musings that have sort of been hitting me lately. Anyway, enjoy these photos! See you soon! xxoo

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  1. Awww you and your mum are so alike! Adore your dress - you look so lovely!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out growing up and I'm 26 haha

    xo Jennifer


  3. You and your mom look so much a like! My mom is coming to see me this weekend and I am super excited! Love that pretty dress you are wearing.
    Almost Endearing

  4. aw cute!!! I love all of your outfits :)


  5. You look like your mama :) And I've been feeling the same way. I think it's the holidays!

    xo Ashley

  6. I just found your blog and I'm obsessed! I'm in he same situation as you! I moved from my hometown, two hours away into the big city of Philadelphia and I go back inbetween feelings even with it being my second year here/ Tough it out though, it gets so much better!

    Look forward to more posts! <3

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. This is really sad but.... I've read like three posts since you changed your blog layout and I JUST NOW am noticing it. XP I'm seriously in love with that jacket. I've been hankering for one for yearsss and thus I drool over everyone else's! <3

  8. Aw! Looks like you had a great time with your mom! That's really awesome - I know how special it is to get to spend good, quality time with one's mom. ;D (Also, you two look a lot alike!)

    I also know exactly how you feel! I haven't moved out yet, but when I'm at work I just want to be home with family!" then I get home and I want to go out on my own. Not that I don't absolutely adore my family! I think it's just this weird in between age... :-/

  9. It's so fantastic you have such a relationship with your mom, who by the way really rocked, considering that leather jacket! :) I love the dress and the photo with the tree. I always take photos of streets and trees when I get homesick. Being independent has its flaws and virtues, but I support your choice to take it on your own, knowing you always have a nest to fly back to.
    Hugs from Macedonia, from another bird far away from Home :)

  10. GORGEOUS pictures - those portraits of your mom are lovely. I totally feel you on moving up and out of the house - my freshman year of college was really similar (though I moved about halfway across the country, which had its own problems) and it took me a while to decide where I fit in. The only piece of advice I can give is that people always underestimate how adaptable they are, so you really can make anyplace seem like home. much love and hope that you find some answers! :]

  11. I found- quite to my surprise- something really cool about being in college and going home. I was really excited to go back to visit family whom I had loved and missed, yet I was also really excited at the end of the visit to go back "home" to college too where this life I was building was. In a way it was nice because it felt like two homes, both of which you are excited to be at.

    Looks like you and your mom had a wonderful visit (also, that troll is the coolest ever!) and you look so adorable.

  12. you and your mom look exactly the same (of course!) I love shopping with my mom too,and it looks like you both had a great quality time :D love the way rocked the cute polka dot dress with that leather jacket!

  13. Wow! I'm honored to be in so many pictures in this post!! So glad for our time together! I love you!!

  14. What a fun time! It makes me miss my Mom!!
    Your Mom is so beautiful :)
    I'm glad you had a fun time showing her around.
    I know what you mean about missing your family & learning to
    live independently. It's definitely not an easy thing..no matter how old you are!

  15. You and your mom are so beautiful, you know that? You look like twins! A lot of people say I could be my mom's sister or twin. I love it when they tell me that :). My brother moved to Savannah, Georgia almost a year ago (this January will make it 1 year!) and he was completely the same way as you. But he is so incredibly happy now living on his own. He has 3 jobs, his own apartment, and is just over all living life the way he wants to. We miss him a lot just like you miss your family. But it gives us an excuse to vacation, and it's really nice when he takes us to places we've never been (just as you mentioned!) I see it from your family's side and you see it from my brother's side. <3
    I completely love your outfit, as always! You are the print mixing queen, seriously.

  16. One of my favorite combos is the moto jacket and dress. I love a mixture of feminine with some edge. Looks like you and your mom had a wonderful time bonding in Seattle! Sounds like everything I would have done as well. BTW, you girls are gorgeous!

  17. Aw I love when my parents come out and visit me too. There are pros and cons about being out on your own. I like both!
    Also your outfit is very cute. I love the dotted dress with the cool print in your tights.

  18. ooo fun tights! and you and your mom are so cute!


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