Nature Niblets

skirt, top, sweater, & purse: thrifted, leather jacket: vintage, my mom's, boots: marshall's
Happy Friday! This week being the first full week of classes has been extra long and tiring. Though I'm not taking all that many courses this quarter, I've been filling my time with jogging, reading, and petting moss. My friend Rachael, who is a true nature-enthusiast, has had a huge influence on our group of friends. Everyone observes plants and trees and moss and the like more now, and definitely with more appreciation! All it really takes is someone opening your eyes to the world around you! These photos of me were taken by her, and the others were taken by me. :) Look at the lovely moss!

Knowing Rachael has also inspired all of us to be more considerate of what we eat - this plays into my sugar-hiatus. After the month is over, I am hoping to continue good eating habits that I've been developing lately. I am learning that you feel so much better at the end of a meal when you don't have to feel guilty for what you ate. On that note, I think I'm going to go find something to nibble! Night! xx

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  1. gorgeous style.. as always <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. Love this photos! The moss is gorgeous and I love your outfit!
    Almost Endearing

  3. Me encanta tu falda y tu corte de pelo es genial,te queda muy bien!
    Te espero en http://enendele.blogspot.com.es/ y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  4. I love being surrounded by friends that are interested in different things. You can learn so much from them! Good luck giving up sugar! You are so right about how much better you feel when you try to eat clean.

  5. Awe Elanor I am glad that your first week went well! I had a half week last week and man, was it busy. I'm so glad I'm only taking 12 hours because the classes I picked require lots of out of class time.

    I love this long skirt on you. And the boots look so great with it! So so lovey.

  6. Love everything about this, that pink blouse is so lovely!

    <3 Megan

  7. Love your outfit :) Also that sounds like a really fun interest. I love learning about different things from my friends :)

  8. Always have the loveliest of outfits. I seriously just love that skirt.

    I totally know what you mean about the eating better. Your body and mind just feel so much better when you know you are putting healthy foods into it.

  9. Once you start eating better, the cravings for all the crap really go away and it's get easier and you feel so much better!

    xo Jennifer


  10. I'm loving this outfit, especially your sweater and the necklace. So lovely :)


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