Stripes & Floral

dress: vintage, thrifted, sweater: forever 21, sandals: thrifted, tote: etsy
It's funny, sometimes I feel so on top of my personal style and how I want to present myself, but more and more lately I have been all over the place; unsure about my clothes and who I am as a style/fashion blogger. I've been getting caught up in, "Is this good enough for the blog?" ... "Will this showcase myself as a stylish person?" -- I'm sick of worrying about that sort of thing, yet I can't remove it from my mind. Since starting this blog, it has proven to be difficult to detach myself from it: it has become so engrained in me. How do I get out of the mindset that the reason I get dressed in the morning is to prove myself? (I'm not saying this is the only reason, but somehow it does play a role.) How do I get out of the mindset that I need to be more innovative, more interesting?

So within that struggle, I've been struggling with my closet and how I even want to dress these days. On top of that, how is someone suppose to change their style when they can't obtain a whole new closet with the snap of one's fingers? I'm not saying that's the path I want to go, but I'm going through a period of time where I want to wear different things and those different things are not things that I currently own. I'm kind of just in a weird place, so that's where this outfit is coming from (also, I make no promises, but I'm thinking another reason I'm in a weird place is because of my hair and how growing it out is a huge pain, haha).

In reference to this outfit, I wore this on Valentine's Day which was more like a normal Thursday except for the fact that I did eat probably one too many cookies. And chocolate. Oh well that's what it's for, right! Anyway, onto today! Have a wonderful Saturday. xxoo E
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  1. The same thoughts run through my head when I get dressed or when I am taking my outfit photos. I need to remember that as long as I like it, it's worthy because my blog is a reflection of me, no one else.

    xo Jennier


  2. Everyone gets kind of bored of their wardrobe once in a while. You'll figure out how you want to dress eventually, I'm sure. I always like the outfits you post. Every one doesn't have to be super unique or anything. You always look cute! I really like the striped sweater worn over your floral dress in this post.

  3. Changing your wardrobe can be so hard. I think sometimes all you need is to get rid of a few old things and put in a few new things and then you'll find thins that go together and learn to love all of the older things again. Sometimes, that's all I need! I hope you get out of your rut, lovely dearest. <3 I think your hair is looking super cute here, too!

  4. Ah Elanor, I just stumbled across your blog... and the first post I read can't be more accurate to how I feel numerous days of the week! In fact, I was feeling exactly this earlier today.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject... particularly the "is this good enough for the blog?" question - which I ask myself regularly and then kick myself for it. Yes, I think having a fashion blog is great for challenging me to look at my wardrobe differently and more creatively... but some days I just don't want to do that.

    I think your blog is beautiful, and your style as well - so please continue sharing! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog a bit more :)
    Have a lovely day!


  5. Thanks for being honest about some of the downsides about blogging, though of course we are all cheering on your successes, this is a very honest reaction.

  6. I adore the print on your dress! And those sandals!! I personally love your style, its real and unforced, if that even makes sense. It's not 'put-on' if you know what I mean :)

    x Aliya
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  7. I know exactly how you feel about presenting yourself on your blog! I had gotten to that point as well when I was style blogging, but I quickly became burnt out on it from never changing anything. You can still change your style even if it doesn't happen overnight :). Start small and slowly experiment with what you like. When you go thrifting again, make a small list of certain pieces you'd like to start wearing. I keep a folder of photos in my phone of certain pieces I like (ex. a geometric sweater I saw on another stylish person) and I'll look for something that is along the same element with that. If I find a skirt that has geometric prints and it's similar to the sweater (and most importantly, if I truly like it), I'll buy it. Change is completely normal:). Through out life we will constantly re-find ourselves. If we found ourselves just once in our lifetime, then we'd be the same person we were years ago. You will constantly evolve, E. And no matter how many times you change throughout life, you will always end up right where you're supposed to be ♥


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