Break Neck

shirt: roller derby bout, skirt: thrifted, jean jacket: found it, tote: from nicole, boots: marshall's
Happy April! Oh boy, this month came along quickly. I did a bit of a double-take as I checked the date that I wanted this post to go out -- where did March go? I'm not sure I was ready for it to end, for it was really a great month of revival from the wintertime of the northwest. I suppose it's only going to get better, though! Since beginning this new quarter, I've been getting out everyday and walking or taking the bus places which has been wonderful. Seattle in the springtime is a sight to behold. I think this quarter is going to make me remember why I am in love with the city and the pacific northwest.

I wore this outfit on Thursday to class and on a jaunt to Gas Works park with Rachael. In my attempt to shake up my style, I have been wanting to incorporate more t-shirts into my outfits lately. So of course, when I went with my family to a roller derby bout in Portland, I bought a shirt for the team I was supporting! I slid in a photo from the event a couple posts ago, but I figure I should probably tell you what I thought about it! My family surprised me with the tickets to the match, and it was quite unexpected, as you can imagine. It was really awesome though and by the end of it, I had really gotten involved with the players and the teams, haha. Have you ever watched roller derby? I'm hoping to find some bouts here in Seattle and take my friends to experience it... :) xxoo E
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  1. You're such a cutie! You look so lovely!

  2. I always love a t shirt, skirt combo. And the boots just make it even better! I've never been to a roller derby but from what I have seen on TV, it is intense.

  3. I know a couple rollar derby girls, but I've never been to a bout before. I bet they are intense!

    xo Jennifer


  4. My roommates and I all dressed as a roller derby team for halloween last year. Equipped with roller skates that we wore for the entire night/dance. It was hysterical. One of the funnier halloween costumes I have worn.

  5. hey sweetness! found you on Chictopia and couldn't resist swinging by to say hello!
    i love your look, and your photography is beautiful! i used to play a little derby when I was younger, but havn't been to a bout in ages. i love your shirt!

    A Gyspi Blog

  6. Love the graphic tee with this skirt :) You're so cute

    xo Ashley

  7. I've always wanted to visit the gasworks. They look so neat! Love your outfit as well!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  8. Yeah.. I was totally ready for the month to be over! Anyways, I love this outfit! It's so cute and I love the combat boots with it!


  9. Love this look!! We had such fun at the Rose City Rollers match!! I was surprised that Marlen above says that tickets are expensive in Chicago - maybe it has a bigger following there?? It was only $14 a ticket in Portland! Can't wait to see how your hair ends up! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. I like the shirt with that skirt. It is ever so slightly cheeky!

  11. i love your boots! super cute :) i've never seen roller derby, but i wanted to watch that movie about it haha! happy wednesday :)

    grace & love,

  12. I love incorporating t-shirts into outfits! I just love your polka dot skirt paired with the t-shirt. I get a bit of a 90's grunge feel from this outfit that's very very cool!


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