Watching: ... not much lately! Which I guess is a good thing. Tonight I'm probably going to cozy up and catch up on Parks & Rec, but that's no surprise. I'm also amping myself up for the premiere of Mad Men season 6 that's coming in a few days. Anyone else with me?! I have the best feeling about this new season.

Listening to: I was recently introduced to Joyce Manor so I've been enjoying them lately -- somewhat unexpected for my taste in music, but I can actually really dig it. Especially this song. I like how real it is. Does that make sense?

Thinking about: I bought some peanut M&M's earlier tonight and I'm kind of really excited to eat them. Ooops maybe I shouldn't have admitted that. I'm still trying really hard to eat healthy this quarter, but sometimes you just need to eat M&M's. Also, I've been doing statistic problems about M&M's so that may be the origin of my desires for them. Hah...

Looking forward to: Tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be going thrifting for this first time in forever. Hopefully. If all works out. :) Rachael, me, and maybe Kristie are planning to bus over to Ballard or Capitol Hill where they have some thrift shops and a Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. Should be fun!

Reading: I've recently began Firestarter by Stephen King, and I'm intrigued already! King is one of those authors with a very unique style and approach to writing. Have any of you read this book or any of his others? Sheesh he has so many, I bet you have!

Making me happy: It's a happy and sad feeling -- but, the Seattle rain is back! Only drizzles for the most part, but it never fails to remind me of what drew me into this city in the first place, you know? Tonight I'll be falling asleep to the sound of rain against my window, and a cool breeze drifting on in.

xxoo Elanor


  1. Oh my word, that moth on the buttons is just like your tattoo!

    Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  2. I need to catch up on Mad Men before the season premiere! I still have to watch season 5 on Netflix. This just reminds me that I'm running out of time.
    I think your picture of the moth is so cool! It looks like your tattoo!

  3. Your M&Ms comment made me laugh :) I made the mistake of writing about a mug brownie recipe that I loved and the whole time I was just craving the brownie! Oh and Firestarter looks really interesting!


  4. I've read firestarter it's a really good book. It was made into a film too staring a very young Drew Barrymore as the girl.

  5. i am sooo excited for Mad Men!!! I am finally caught up, so i can watch it on tv.

  6. I started Firestarter way back in middle school and wasn't quite ready for it yet so I never made it far, but now I've read two of his other books (Carrie and The Green Mile) and plan to try Firestarter again in the near future. Be sure to let us know what you think of it. =)

    And I totally agree with your comment about M&Ms. Sometimes you just have to have some.

  7. hope you have fun thrifting! i wish the thrift shops here weren't always so overpicked :p

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com


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