Planting a Seed

dress: forever 21, jacket: t.j. maxx, shirt & purse: thrifted, boots: doc's, vintage, sunglasses: urban outfitters
It's definitely the small successes in life that really keep you going. Despite it being so easy to feel defeated and exhausted from day-to-day life, I think that when you really pay attention to what you did well on, your whole mentality can change. Lately I've been pushing myself to make the tiny changes that can eventually build into a bigger change -- ones that alters the way I interact with people and live life. I'm shy by nature, but I've been planting little seeds in my brain (almost like post-it notes) to remind me to smile at those who pass by, or to hold myself in a more approachable way, perhaps. Also to just do things. Say yes to things. As I've nudged myself in this direction, I have noticed improvements which gives me encouragement to continue! Sometimes I think that's all you need. 

In different news, the days are getting longer and I'm in the process of figuring out my schedule for next school year as well as potential plans for this summer. Fingers crossed for things to work out as I hope they will! xxoo E
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  1. Loving that dress!
    Hope everything works out for this summer and next school year :)

    xo Jennifer


  2. It's always exciting making plans for the summer! Love that dress on you!

  3. Sometimes saying yes is really important. Everyone needs a little nudge here and there!
    Love the outfit, and especially loving the bag :)


  4. your hair looks cute like this:)

  5. Very good on you for planting those seeds/post-it notes and- perhaps even more important- noticing you are doing well and improving by small, noticeable bits. I think sometimes people focus too much on what they don't like about themselves in purely negative ways and don't notice the good things- or the things they improve on. I like that it isn't a push to be a new person but to in small ways expand yourself.

    Also, your longer hair is looking good!

  6. Such a cute look-- very Seattle! Registering for classes always stresses me out, I hope you get the ones you want :)

  7. That's my girl!!! I love you and am so thankful for you!! xo

  8. Its so simple but I adore your hair like that ;)


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