A Crowded Mind

dress & tote: from nicole, jean jacket: vintage, a gift, sandals: target
I've been home for 13 days, but boy, does it feel like it's been longer. Within these near two weeks, I started with motivation and energy to cook, to exercise, to read books, to reexamine my life and choices... and then I've had emotions flipped on their heads (to put it vaguely) -- which had led to a decrease in motivation and a decrease in my actual appetite in general... and all during this process, I've been in contact with professionals in order to find an internship for the summer. And guess what? Now I have two. So my emotions and state of well being are attempting to be realigned, and at the same time, I am beginning two internships in the next few weeks. 

One of my internships is with AAA in their digital strategy team. I start Monday and I'll have to let you know later on what I'm up to with them. Right now I'm just sort of floating; nodding my head and going with whatever happens. My other internship is with none other than Moorea Seal! That I will also share more about at a later date... :)

So my mind's a crowded place, and this life sometimes get crazy -- but you've just got to flow. I'm learning, guys, I'm learning. xxoo E
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  1. You're a leaf on the wind, Miss Elanor! Be the leaaaaaf! I'm glad that you're adapting, even if it's all coming at you at once. Two internships, wow! I hope they both treat you well. I'm sure you'll make the best of them. Good luck, my darling!! :D

    Man, that dress is rad! I love how it's got a neat print near the bust and fades off so coolly at the bottom.

  2. Loving the dress! Good luck~

  3. Love the ombre effect on that dress (which is just all sorts of cool!). I really like how you phrased your situation -- "my mind's a crowded place" -- such an apt description of having so many things going on. But these seem like really exciting opportunities, so have fun and all the best :)


  4. nice dress :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  5. That dress is so beautiful! Love it! And congrats on the internship!

  6. good luck with everything! love your bag:)

  7. This dress is gorgeous, I love the bodice. Good luck with your internships, it all sounds very exciting.


  8. Good luck on those two internship! Hope everything will be alright! Your bag it's too adorable :D
    Sofia G

  9. Wow that's a lot to go through in 13 days!
    Good luck with your internships!

    xo Jennifer


  10. Hooray for your two internships! You're way ahead of me in career-related things. It sounds like things are looking up for you!

  11. holy monkeys!! Congrats on the internships! you are gonna go places!!


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