Brighter Still

dress & sunglasses: urban outfitters, jean jacket: gap, vintage, wedges: dsw, purse: thrifted
Yay! Finally an outfit post! Back to the deck we go. One of the best parts about coming home is the fact that I have all the rest of my closet of clothes, accessories, and shoes here. Plus my mom's closet. This outfit is made up of pieces that I didn't have in college with me - it almost feels like new stuff, you know?  It's nice to get dressed again. Plus, upon coming home and unpacking, I went through all my stuff and created a huge donation pile. So I have clothes and junk that are soon to be exiting my life to boot.

As you may remember, I stated that this summer is all about getting things back in order and on that list is getting a regular exercise routine down along with eating healthy. So far so good actually! It helps that I have a stocked refrigerator full of delicious fruits and veggies. However, as much as I think self improvement is good, I was also reminded today in church that it isn't necessarily the answer. It's easy to get wrapped up in "if only I was ____, then I would be happy" and I know I'm a culprit of this as well. We all have goals and things for which we long -- but will they satisfy us in the end, or will we once again be wishing for something else? Think about it. xxoo E

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  1. great pattern of your dress <3

    Miss Aa

  2. That dress is amazing. You look great : )

  3. Love that dress! The pattern is so cool! And I had a huge donation pile after packing up too!


  4. That is a great summer dress!

    xo Jennifer


  5. Love that dress! <3


  6. Love the dress, and your hair. Great styling! x

  7. Beautiful dress. I hear ya, we always have some ideal life we want and think that if we had it we would be happier. But the truth is no matter where we are in life we will still be on the search for something more. So it's better to be grateful for what we have now and don't stress on what we expect our life to be like. I am in no way saying we shouldn't have goals to strive for, it is more about enjoying the present.

  8. Wow that dress is something! I definitely understand what you mean by "the grass is always greener" sort of feeling. As someone who always seems to have a to-do list. I have to break out of it sometimes and remind myself that you can just get stuff done in "real life" and it all works out in the end anyway :]

  9. Your outfits always look so effortlessly put together! I love that dress!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  10. You look lovely and I definitely applaude you on your goals. I think it is important to have them. Once we achive them, yeah, we usually set new ones. I don't think this is bad. Where we are in live changes, what needs to improve changes, etc. It is natural to strive towards things.

  11. I just found your blog over at moorea-seal.com and I love your style! Great blog! :)


  12. SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME!! Darling outfit - I forgot all about that little bag! Don't you love Tame Impala?! xoxox


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