Denim Shorts / Floral Crop

top, shorts, purse, & sandals: thrifted, vintage, sunglasses: urban outfitters
Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have worn this outfit. Maybe these shorts are ridiculous (especially on my short/thick legs) but when I bought them at Goodwill the other day, I said "I DON'T CARE" loudly in my head. And why should I care? Wearing this outfit yesterday, I felt good. It was hot hot hot and and said to myself, "Mom shorts? WHY NOT". There comes a point where you just have to wear what you want. So I did! I'm actually in love with this, too. The top is so flowy and the colors are my latest favorites.

So I wore this in Davis/Sacramento when I went to get my friend Miranda (featured below) from school. Slowly but surely all my friends from back home are returning from college! It feels weird being back, to be honest. My brain often times feels mixed up -- where am I? I feel as though I live two different lives in a way. One in Seattle and one here, back home. I hope that's normal. Doesn't change the fact that it makes me feel so out of place. So detached in a way. Life's weird. xxoo E

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  1. Love that top. And ya know, who cares if other people don't like the mom shorts--I think they're cool. I would have rolled them maybe once or twice though if I wore them.

  2. I can never find shorts like yours that fit me. The waist is always too small or too big.

  3. The shorts look cute on you...and as a mom, I appreciate you wearing them ;) Having your own style (without following the dictates of so-called fashion) is really the only way to be genuine, which you clearly are.

  4. Rock on with those shorts!
    The back of the top is cute!

    xo Jennifer


  5. You's a babe. Wear what you want, girl.

  6. The lighting in your pictures is always so cool! I love how you're practically glowing beneath the shade like that. And girl, you rock whatever the heck you want! You always look good in whatever you wear. Heck, you always look good in whatever you feel comfortable in--that's my logic!! :D

    Your necklace... rad!


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