skirt & boots: thrifted, vintage, top, belt, & cardigan: thrifted, tote: etsy, flower crown: diy
On the day that I wore this outfit -- which happens to have been Sunday -- I met a lady at a wedding that I attended. In a matter of perhaps a half hour, she was telling me her whole life story, from the beginning years of being a young, pregnant, and widowed women; to traveling through Paris singing jazz; to losing her memory anew every day for nine years; and everything in between. We discussed a novel she has been writing about her life and somehow along the way, this woman decided that she looked very similar to me in her youth. She even showed me photos -- and it was remarkably true. From the mouth shape to the jaw line, there was an odd resemblance.

We talked about parallel universes and reincarnation and she wondered if perhaps we were friends of the same age, in a different world. She told me she was 55, but she felt so much younger, and she said that to her, I seemed older. This conversation really made my head turn, because how often do you get to talk like this with a complete stranger? When people don't stick to the norm of a conversation, we automatically mark them as weird in our brains. While my brain was tempted to do that, I stopped. I stopped because my mind expanded so much during those 25 to 35 minutes that we talked, and I considered things that I had not considered before.

Separately, did you see the supermoon Saturday or Sunday? This weekend has been really good; I wonder if the moon had anything to do with it? I just need to tell you guys that I feel a lot better than in my last outfit post: there is a lot to tell but I don't feel as though I have the words right now. I feel excited and warmed and good things. How are you? xxoo E

Miasma (Greek mythology) -- a contagious power that has an independent life of its own.

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  1. I love this outfit - you look so bohemian!

  2. The flowers on your head are the perfect touch! And yes it feels so good when you talk with a completely stranger about things that you never even though of that. Feels like you achieved a new stage of your life :)
    SOfia G

  3. that is such an amazing story. i know what you mean by marking people as weird when they don't stick to the norm conversations. i have also found myself stopping myself from doing that, and instead listening. those are the conversations you walk away feeling uplifted and new. they are usually the conversations that you have been waiting for. i just love this. so so much!

  4. You are wise beyond your years. I bet that time you spent with that woman meant a lot to her. I kept seeing you at the wedding out of the corner of my eye, but like at church, I keep missing you. Hope to talk with you soon...

  5. what a great acquaintance! sounds like a beautiful conversation:) love your flower crown and tattoo.

  6. That is the coolest story! she must have been really interesting to talk to. Anyways, I love the color of your cardigan :)

  7. This is an incredible outfit and you pull off the floral crown perfectly. That really is a really awesome connection you made with that woman though - it's crazy the people you meet by chance, right? Who knows, maybe you two were connected in another time. :)

  8. I wish I could have met that woman! Darling look - especially love the floral crown! xoxo

  9. what an interesting encounter! I love your outfit, you look so slim :)

  10. She sounds like a wonderful woman...your description of her reminds me of a character from a Ray Bradbury story.(:
    I love this outfit, by the by! That skirt is so pretty!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  11. between the super moon, mercury going into retrograde, and all the incredibly odd things that have been going on I'm beginning to believe in astrology. what a fascinating encounter. it's true that we often write people off as odd without really considering the perspective their presenting. but ralph waldo emerson once said that the primary goal of life is to encounter a mind that startles you. opening up to strangers who may seem a bit odd is just about the only way you can really do that.

    pretty outfit, by the way =)


  12. Love this post and your wonderful outfit! I don't think the moon had much to do with anything other than the tides, but glad to hear you had a blessed weekend! I'm located a bit north of Seattle in Kingston. I don't know when you'll be back in the Pacific Northwest, but when you are, let's meet up! I'm trying to meet more Western Washington bloggers and do more photography. Would love to work on a photo shoot together! You can check out my work here: www.jesilangdale.com


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