Sharing just one song today, but it's got a story behind it that I think you'll like. So when I was with Paul on Saturday night, walking down the San Francisco streets around 9 pm, we heard a random guy sing three specific notes in a specific rhythm that we just knew we recognized from somewhere. But we couldn't think of what song it was. We wracked our brains and hummed the notes but it just wasn't coming to us. 

Paul insisted that he had the song in his library so we probably spent a good 45 minutes scrolling song to song, waiting for something to click. Eventually, we found this song. And it was the song! Since Saturday I've had Dance Yrself Clean stuck in my head. It has such a good beat, and I'm a big fan of the transition at about 3:08 where things pick up speed and start getting dance-y. Have a listen! xx
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& for your viewing pleasure: when I was looking for this song, I found this video. Makes me smile. :)

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  1. That is a great story behind the song and I just LOVE the grandmother dancing to the music!

  2. ahahahaha I hope I'm that cool when I'm a grandma.


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