Disposables // #5

Today I had my last final of winter quarter at 8 am and now I'm home freeeeee! I'm convinced this quarter was even faster than last quarter. No surprises there. I think it was definitely a more emotionally-draining quarter than in the fall, but it was lovely and productive all the same. I went to two concerts with my friends – Volcano Choir and The Head and the Heart. I spent Valentine's Day with Ben; we got sushi and went to see a laser light show for Pink Floyd's album, Dark Side of the Moon (which, needless to say, was sick). I got a job with SPU's newspaper as the new photo editor. I did a lot of art / learned a lot.

With my free afternoon today, I went to get my latest disposable camera developed and here are the results! I think I took a lot more photos of people in this roll than in past ones, which I like. However, I just bought my next disposable for spring break and I'm pretty sure it's going to be full of photos of the great outdoors. This is because Ben, Rachael, Steve and I are going camping in the Hoh Rain Forest, which is in the Olympic National Forest. :-) We leave Friday!

I almost forgot about the weekend that it snowed here in Seattle – I was reminded because of these photos! I was in West Seattle at a show for Ben's band, and during the night, the flurries began. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen snow fall! It was so great. Ben and I drove back, listening to Dark Side of the Moon (this was before Valentine's Day!) and the ambience was truly perfect. Getting back to campus, everyone was playing outside. It was the most packed I had seen SPU at one time. Ben, Steve, Rachael and I sled down the city streets on broken snowboards till 1 am. It was Magic.

We will be at the Hoh Rain Forest from the 21st to the 26th, and after that, I'm going back home with Rachael to spend the remainder of the break at the beach and in Vancouver, Wa. (plus, hopefully hang out in Portland a bit!) I've been having to really begin planning in advance for things these days, (plans for summer? plans for housing next year?) sometimes it's all pretty overwhelming. I'm so excited for these plans – the plans that God has for me. I'm trusting, or at least I'm trying to be. Let's face it, everything is scary and everything is exciting. They kind of go hand in hand. I see spring quarter flying by even faster and before I know it it will be summer again. That's such a strange thought.

But there are good things to come; there are always good things to come. I think that as humans, we were not meant to always be happy. But I think it's a person's response to their emotions that makes the emotions what they are to us. If you are not necessarily happy, it doesn't mean you are sad. We can't always be ecstatic, hah. It's your reaction to your feelings & how you deal with them.

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  2. Nice!! Great pics! Looking forward to seeing the camping trip photos too! xoxo


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