Hi lovelies! Welcome to the Missing Lovebirds blog shop! I'm excited to share my closet with you and hopefully send a few of you off with new gems! ♥ Here's how this works...

1.) Email me at thecity.smiles@gmail.com to request/reserve an item + for shipping info.
2.) Purchases go through Paypal.
3.) I will reserve an item for you up to 48 hours!
4.) Contact me for additional photos of the items if you wish.

The prices listed below on the photos are minus shipping. Shipping at this point is at a flat rate of $5, but is subject to change once I get this shop running and I can see how shipping really works. I hope that's not too complex. Enjoy!!

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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! having a shop where we can buy some of your own! Too cute! I'm planning on placing an order very soon. I love you dearly! Whatever you do DON'T STOP BOLGGING! <3 xoxox -Ella:)


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