Summer Days, let's start here.

First, real, post - maybe? :)

Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, and of course, our Heavenly Father. My dad decided he wanted to see Toy Story 3 for his gift, and hey, I have no objections! Albeit, I did just see the film yesterday with my boyfriend, Derek. Oops! Oh well, it was very good, as all Pixar films tend to be. So, anyway, I saw the movie again tonight with my family and I believe everyone enjoyed it.

Along with seeing Toy Story 3 yesterday with Derek, we also went to the Japanese Tea Garden and the Haight in San Fransisco! Although we had trouble getting home (bus trouble...), it was quite the fun day. We hadn't gone to the city in a while, so I was happy that we got to yesterday.

(top: me at the japanese tea garden // bottom: derek at the japanese tea garden)

Now I'm back home; probably should be getting on to bed soon. I may just snuggle up with my current read (I actually went to the library - finally - with my mom last Thursday!). I'm rereading The Nine Lives of Chloe King trilogy, The Fallen. I would recommend it for a fun read. Not super deep, but it has a quirky and cute fantasy/modern-urban feel to it.

Have a good night!
xoxo Elanor

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