Oh! The places you'll go!

Today is your day.

You’re off to Great Places!

You’re off and away!

Gotta love Dr. Seuss.

We are still in the beginning of summer, but it is about time I get on planning a trip. I don't believe my whole family is going anywhere this year, however; my mom and I want to go on another road trip! Last year we drove to Portland, and then Seattle. Originally it was because we wanted to see Tegan and Sara at the Showbox in Seattle - but we turned it into a fun little road trip. This year we are thinking of perhaps going somewhere south of us.

(that's cute...hehe! i'd love to road trip across the whole US. wouldn't you?)

We are thinking perhaps Santa Barbara, or possibly San Diego. However the latter seems a bit out of our league... I'm not sure how far we want to drive...hmm...! I'll, of course, update once I know what we have ultimately decided. :)

I am hoping one day in the future, I can do a real road trip. You know, a month-or-longer-type road trip. Maybe once I have graduated high school I can do that with some friends. Who knows?

Do you guys have plans for this summer? I'm hoping wherever I end up going, there are plenty of antique, vintage, and thrift stores along the way!

xoxo Elanor

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